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About Us

All things Virtual and Sexy!

The Virtual Sex Review portal was officially launched in June of 2007.

Our url is

It's our vision to offer reviews on all kinds of VS (virtual sex) products including but not limited to: sex simulations, 3d sex games, other adult oriented games, interactive DVDs, interactive sex toys and devices, MMPORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, sex personals, and related sites. If you can have sex with it and it's not quite the real thing, you can read about it here. New reviews will be posted on a regular basis so check back often for new content.

In addition to our reviews we will be providing forums a.k.a. discussion groups on related topics where you can find more information about products from existing users, get technical support, and communicate your own personal experiences.  There will even be forums speciffically for product developers.

For even more information you can check out our news feeds, links, and poll results.  

To use the forums, polls, and to leave comments about reviews you will need to become a member. Don't worry, membership is, and always will be completely free, no strings attached!

The Virtual Sex Review covers the cost of hosting and and other expenses through paid advertising. Our reviews are unbiased and represent our honest opinion about the quality of those products, regardless if those may be offered for sale on our site.

The images represented here contain models that are at least 18 years of age, and therefore this site complies with 18 USC § 2257.

© 2007 The Virtual Sex Review.

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