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Virtual Sex

A wide array of product reviews that can be classified as supporting Virtual Sex

Review - VStroker

Average: 4 (37 votes)

Product Category: Interactive Sex Toys

Platform: Windows & Macintosh

VStroker Home Page

Company Line:

VStroker is the world's most advanced virtual sex system. Attached to a Fleshlight, the VStroker monitors the speed of your strokes. Every penetration of your Fleshlight is wirelessly transmitted to your Mac or PC and simulated within the VStroker enabled content. Fuck the hottest stars and the newest amateurs who will beg you for more. Thrust slowly and listen to her moan, fuck her hard and hear her scream! These girls are dripping with seduction... with seduction. Even the moment you cum all over her!

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Review - The Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex

Average: 3.6 (60 votes)

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: Windows/Mac

The Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex - Reverse Cowgirl

Company Line:

The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex is not just a fun and erotic computer game, it's also a great way to improve your sex IQ with the help of the latest insights and researched sexual techniques from authorities like Dr. Alan Manevitz and sexologist Jayme Waxman.

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Review - Virtual Chicks

Average: 3.4 (106 votes)

Product Category: POV Porn

Platform: Web Browser & Media Player

Virtual Chicks

Company Line:

Welcome to, the best INTERACTIVE porn website on the net! Here you can choose your girl and what she will do next! Manipulate their moods, change their positions, make them yours! Take command of your most amazing fantasies with the touch of a button! Here you are the boss! 

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Review - Red Light Center

Average: 3.7 (236 votes)

Product Category: Adult MMORPG

Platform: MS Windows & Internet Explorer

Redlightcenter - girl on girl

Company Line:

Welcome to Red Light Center, the Massively Multiuser Reality (MMR). Explore a 3D world of hot adult content featuring 1000's of free XXX photos, 100's of unique hardcore movies, unique online shopping, adult toys, DVD's, lingerie, live chat cams, and meet real women and men!

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Review - RealTouch Interactive

Average: 3.6 (37 votes)

Product Category: Interactive Sex Toys

Platform: MS Windows

RealTouch Interactive Home Page

Company Line:

Now your internet relationships can be even more intimate than ever.  Feel every lick, stroke, and sensual detail from the models you admire.

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