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How do you categorize your reviews?

The virtual sex products we review currently fit into one of six major categories, which in turn are sub-menu items under the "Reviews" menu item. 

Products that fit into more than one category are assigned into the closest matching category as chosen by the reviewer. "Other" products are those that don't fit into the other categories.

In addition, product reviews are marked with keywords which appear at the bottom of the review.  In many cases multiple keywords are selected for a particular review.  An example of this would be when a product is intended to work with products from another category. 

This web-site is constantly evolving, and as such, the categories will change from time to time.  We will endevor to keep this FAQ up to date with the latest category descriptions.  The existing product categories are described below:

3D Sex Games (formally "3D Sex Simulations"):

A software product that uses 3D rendered imagery to produce a simulation of sex.  The application has functionality that allows for the user to interact directly with the model(s) using an input device.  Examples of such an interaction would be to control one of the characters or have direct use of a virtual sex toy within the application.

Adult Games:

Virtually any other type of game or gaming site that contains material of a sexual or erotic nature.

Interactive DVDs:

A XXX rated DVD video shot in first person point of view (POV). The product contains an on-screen menu system that allows for on the fly scene  and angle selection.  Typically the product featues one star performing a variety of "on demand" sexual acts.

Interactive Sex Toys:

First, any sex device that can be used to stimulate one person while being operated by remote control by another person.  Secondly, any sex device that can be used as an input to control a sexual simulation or game.  Lastly, any sex device that, on it's own, provides a very convincing simulation of sex.

Virtual Exotic Dancers:

Any software that displays exotic dancers performing on your computer.

Other Products:

Any product that doesn't fit into one of the categories listed above.

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