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Review - HighJoy

Product Category: Interactive Sex Toys

Platform: Windows/Mac 

HighJoy Home Page

Company Line:

Welcome to premier online destination where you can find the necessary tools that allow you to control another's personal massager over the Internet! Here's how it works. One HighJoy member connects over the Internet to another HighJoy member anywhere in the world through our easy to use software. One or both embers have a HighJoy Enabled Personal Massager connected to their computer.

One or both members control the other's Personal Massager bringing the two closer together even though they may be oceans apart. HighJoy is dedicated to adults who want increased interaction out of their online social experience. Geared for singles and couples...whether actively searching or in committed tailor your HighJoy Experience to fit your individual needs.


Using Teledildonics, HighJoy endeavors to combine remote controlled sex toys with social networking.

HighJoy sells the interactive sex toys through a partnership with Doc Johnson.  Once you receive your toy you connect it to your computer through a serial or USB port and install the small remote control applet from CD-ROM. Finally, you need to create an account on the HighJoy network and register your toy(s).  During our test we found installation went smoothly, although there were quite a few steps.

Currently there are a handful of toys available from the online store.  Most of the toys utilize a common remote control and vibrating bullet.  Vaginal and Dong sleeves are currently available for use with the bullet.  There is also one dedicated remote control all-in-one toy available.  The interactive sex toys are of very good quality and may be used stand alone, without connecting to your computer or the HighJoy social network.  For our test we had the all-in-one and bullet devices available.  It's worth noting the the all-in-one interactive sex toy is identical to the one we received for our Sinulator review.

Connecting to the HighJoy network requires a small monthly subscription fee.  In all there are about 1,000 female community members, of which we only found about 30 that were "HJ Enabled."  We had no luck connecting with any of them so we ended up signing up for two separate accounts for your trial.

On the plus side HighJoy does give you other ways to connect besides over their network.  You can create a  widget for your website or MySpace, or whatever, that allows for quick login.  Unfortunately both people will need to have a physical device in order to play together.

HighJoy iVibe Toy

HighJoy doesn't come with embedded video software.  In order to have a truly interactive experience you will need to crank up MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, or the like in order to communicate while you play with the toys.  This is a little bit clunky; since both parties need the toy or controller anyway, why not include the video chat client?

Once Lola and I got down to business the toys did work wonderfully.  Response to the controls were instantaneous on her end allowing me to tease and bring her to the edge at will.  The remote control bullet has 10 speeds and 5 functional modes.  The all-in-one vibrator has separate speed controls for the rabbit and dong.  The toy also has 3 different vibrating modes that affect the rabbit and dong simultaneously.

We didn't have the vaginal opening for our test, but would expect limited performance since it simply vibrates while the wearer needs to manually jerk the device.


  • High quality toys
  • Excellent response time to controls
  • Works in conjunction with a variety of chat clients


  • Many steps to setup and install
  • Small network of existing users
  • Both users must have toys

The Skinny:

HighJoy is an interesting concept that can offer a thrilling sexual experience, assuming you already have a partner, or can find one among the few existing network members.  The interactive sex toys and remote controls work wonderfully, but we don't understand why you need a physical remote control at all when you have a computer.  Surely adoption of the technology would increase dramatically if you only required a toy at one end and a computer at the other; think how many web cam girls would pick one up for their clients to play with.

The monthly recurring fee is quite reasonable, although if you already have your own partner it's a bit of a gotcha.  The toys are reasonably priced and excellent quality.  HighJoy is fun for couples, but you may want to skip it as a single until the network of toy owners grows a little. 

Cost: US$59.99 - $84.99 toys, $4.95/month subscription 

Maker: High Joy Products LLC 

Link: HighJoy

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Review - HighJoy
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