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Review - EGirl

Average: 3.3 (28 votes)

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

eGirl Home Page

Company Line: 

EGirl is the best, most advanced interactive 3d sex software that puts you in a one-on-one session with 3d virtual girls, Alys and Maia. They talk to you, asking you questions to help them decide what to do next. They're fun to talk to, and sexy to watch. The girls will do quite a lot for your viewing pleasure :) 

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Review - Virtually Jenna 2 - Forever

Average: 3.7 (87 votes)

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

Virtually Jenna - Facial

Company Line:

VirtuallyJenna Forever is the most up to date and advanced 3D adult virtual sex simulation game in the world, the only one exclusive enough to feature Jenna Jameson and friends.  Explore a stunning unique 3D world filled with incredibly realistic interactive erotic experiences. You control all the hot 3D sex action. It’s XXX interactive erotic sexy game action on command. Choose the actors, the scenes, rooms and sets. Decide what your models will wear and perform in. Choose what they do and how they act selecting different poses. Direct your characters to play naughty or nice. Make them suck and fuck hard and wild. Select the sex toys Jenna and friends will use with each other; dildos, vibrators, whips and chains. Insert them into her pussy, asses or wherever.  Control real-time interactive cameras zoom, pan, tilt, automatically with first and third person views to watch all the action. Photograph your favorite scenes and create your own picture galleries of favorite shots and scenes. Once you’re a member you can make your own free uncensored porn.

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Review - The Best POV

Average: 3.4 (10 votes)

Product Category: POV Porn

Platform: Web Browser - Media Player

The Best POV

Company Line:

If you like a hot babe looking up as she sucks or cock or watching a tight ass as you fuck it from behind then you'll like The Best Point of View!

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Review - HighJoy

Average: 2.7 (18 votes)

Product Category: Interactive Sex Toys

Platform: Windows/Mac 

HighJoy Home Page

Company Line:

Welcome to premier online destination where you can find the necessary tools that allow you to control another's personal massager over the Internet! Here's how it works. One HighJoy member connects over the Internet to another HighJoy member anywhere in the world through our easy to use software. One or both embers have a HighJoy Enabled Personal Massager connected to their computer.

One or both members control the other's Personal Massager bringing the two closer together even though they may be oceans apart. HighJoy is dedicated to adults who want increased interaction out of their online social experience. Geared for singles and couples...whether actively searching or in committed tailor your HighJoy Experience to fit your individual needs.

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Review - Sex Warrior 3D

Average: 3.7 (22 votes)

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

Sex Warrior 3D - Nude Girl

Company Line:

Sex Warrior 3D is a highly-addictive first-person erotic shooter. The game is designed to have everything a man lacks in today's boring world: different weapons, bath of blood and adrenaline, and hot girls that are waiting for their hero. You are a super-soldier of fortune looking for adventures in the most dangerous places. You are constantly attacked by evil monsters, huge bosses and unbelievably horrible creatures, which try to prevent you from completing your mission.

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