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Strip Games

Reviews of games or products that fit into our Strip Games category such as VirtuGirl, DeskBabes, and the UPlay-IStrip series.

Review - VirtuaGirl HD

Average: 3.7 (134 votes)

Product Category: Strip Games

Platform: MS Windows, Apple Macintosh

Company Line:

More than a screenmate, Virtuagirl is a phenomenon that has unleashed passions for almost 10 years now!  Imagine graceful girls dancing sensually on your Windows or MAC desktop. A new girl appears on your desktop every day and it’s totally free!

Virtuagirl enlists the most beautiful girls in the world and they now appear in crystal clear HD quality.  Since 1998, thousands of people have already gathered in fan clubs to share their passion for Virtuagirl!  Today, Virtuagirl is considered to be the best sexy software ever, and with its HD version it will continue to drive millions of men crazy all over the world!

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Video Review - Strip Poker XXX

Average: 4 (21 votes)

Product Category: Strip Poker Games

Platform: Web Browser

Link: Strip Poker XXX


Hello and welcome to The Virtual Sex Review. Here’s our look at a new virtual strip poker game Strip Poker XXX.

Strip Poker XXX is a web based Texas Hold’em style strip poker game that features a dozen or so rather attractive virtual female players.

If you already know how to play Texas Hold’em this game is dead simple to learn. To get started simply login and choose a room.  Each room features one or two computer operated virtual girls, yourself and some other real players. Strip Poker XXX has thoughtfully included details on the girls’ state of undress so you can jump into rooms already featuring half naked babes.

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Review - DeskBabes

Average: 3.7 (168 votes)

Product Category: Strip Games

Platform: MS Windows

Company Line:

Discover our amazing collection of sexy beauties! Blond, brunette, in tiny lingerie, femmes fatales, cute students, in solo and duos, teasing, unveiling, caressing, licking, fingering each other, etc. right on your taskbar. Get the women of your dreams on your desktop!

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Review - Uplay-Istrip Sexy Chess

Average: 3.5 (30 votes)

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

Sexy Chess

Company Line:

Has anyone ever played Chess? Your opponents play against you through sexy interactive videos, and they really intend to catch your king!

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Review - Spin-Ups

Average: 3.3 (12 votes)

Product Category: Virtual Strippers

Platform: Flash Enabled Web Browser 

Spin-Ups Models

Company Line:

Spin-Ups are pin-ups you can spin - real images of real pin-up girls that you can view from any angle at any time, with our revolutionary new fully rotating views!

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