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Strip Games

Reviews of games or products that fit into our Strip Games category such as VirtuGirl, DeskBabes, and the UPlay-IStrip series.

Review - Uplay-Istrip Poker

Strip Games
Average: 3.6 (53 votes)1

Product Category: Strip Poker Games

Platform: MS Windows Uplay-Istrip Screen Shot

Company Line:

Explore a new kind of adult video game!  Girls from around the world play Sexy Belote, Strip Sudoku, Strip 4 and Strip Poker. The days of playing boring games with bad quality videos are over. New sexy girls are added regularly and all the games are based on interactive videos. Download free demos or enjoy a free online game. Watch our video presentations!

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Review Rating /10 (Outstanding)

Review - Beauty3D: Naked Covergirl 2.0

Strip Games
Average: 3.2 (5 votes)1

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows


Unlike version 1.0, Beauty 3D: Naked Covergirl 2.0 truly is a 3D sex game.  In fact, this upgraded edition is 3D in more ways than one.  First, the sex is now rendered in 3D so you can rotate around the models and view from virtually any angle.  Second, the game is offered in a stereogrphic version that works with 3D glasses for even more realism.  See our review of Beauty 3D: Naked Covergirl 1.0.

Gone is the gambling engine of the first game.  Instead this edition is all about photos and sex.  The game starts with options for easy or challenging modes. In easy mode you can do anything you want with the girls immediately.  In challenging mode, which I'll desbribe below, you'll have to work a bit before you can see the girls naked or fuck them silly.


Once you've chosen the game mode you get to choose between one of three hot models, Julie, Emily, or Lily.  Each model is associated with a different locale to start, such as the beach or pool.  The models do look almost identical unfortunately, I guess to facilitate collision detection.

Once in a scene there are a multitude of confusing controls.  To start you'll see nothing but scenery.  All you can do here is click through a number of subtitles which introduce dialogue for the scene.  Once past that you will be put into walk mode.  You can move your own character (Jackie) around using the control pad (W, S, A, D), essentially just to get closer to the girl.  Don't plan on leaving the immediate area or interacting with other people on the beach because you can't.  Alternatively you can press a button to summon the girl towards you.

Moving the mouse will change your view, as if your character's head is looking around. 

As the game's premis is that you're a photographer there are quite a few photo options.  Getting into photographic mode only requires a click of the camera.  From this menu you can toggle through a myriad of preset poses, movements, and a few different bikinis while you aim and shoot pictures.  Pictures are automatically saved to your photo album which you can check out from the main menu. If you want to take nude shots you'll have to warm up the model first.

To go into the new "Real Touch" mode just click on the hand icon.  Providing you are close enough you can manipulate the mouse to fondle the models breasts, and only her breasts.  Once you start this activity you'll see a "force" gauge and a progress bar that shows how turned on the model is.  The force gauge is relatively useless.  Just keep massaging those tits until the progress bar is at 100% and the model will let you take off her top.  Do it a second time and you can take off her bikini bottom.  Repeat (the third time is the charm) and you can thankfully have sex.

Finally, it's time to get down and dirty.  Click on the sex button for some 3D sex action.  While this is a vast improvement over the previous version don't expect graphics or controls comparable to Sexvilla or Virtual Hottie. Instead you only get to control the speed of intercourse with the mouse as you click through 5 or 6 different sexual positions.  At the end you'll get a quick clip of the model squirting your love juices out of her pussy.  I wouldn't exactly call the sex hot, but it's defiantly a step up from version 1.0.


Sound in the game is ok.  Good quality new age music plays in the background and there are some grunts and groans during sex.  None of the characters talk and the sound effects are otherwise very sparse.

Graphics are several generations behind the top games in the industry.  Collision detection works well but since the sex is pretty well choreographed this wasn't much of a challenge for the programmers.  The models look reasonably good but the you are forced to watch the sex as if you're standing on the other side of the room without a zoom lens.

To play the game in stereogrpaphic mode (with 3D glasses) you'll need to buy the stereographic version of the game, which costs $10 more than the standard version.  Frankly I was expecting the 3D effects to have things appear to be popping out of my screen.  The effect does do just that, in fact, but because the virtual view of sex is so far away the 3D effect is wasted.  Still it's a gimmick that no other so called 3D games has.  Is it worth the extra $10, not really.


  • Only game available for Stereographic 3D effects
  • Significantly better sex simulation than previous version
  • 3D stereographic version available 


  • Fun gambling aspect gone but not forgotten
  • Old school graphics, animation, and sound
  • Little control over sex acts 

The Skinny:

The price tag for this game is too high whether you buy the standard or 3D stereographic version.  The graphics, sound, and interactivity are barely improved over version 1.0.  Gone, is the gambling from the first game.  Instead of removing that element they should have integrated that aspect with the sex; strip poker anyone?  The stereographic edition costs $10 more, and the game is already too expensive at $40. The "real touch" feature, doesn't seem very real, and game play is pedestrian at best.Finally, the game has sex rendered in 3D, but it isn't great.

Overall, Beauty3D: Naked Covergirl 2.0 isn't much of an improvement over version 1.0.  Sure there's a fancy 3D stererographic version, but 3D sex games are supposed to turn you on, and this one doesn't.

Demo: 3 days, one girl, and 6 minutes per execution 

Cost: US$39.99 standard / US$49.99 stereographic

Maker: Kaplay

Link: N/A

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Review Rating /10 (Outstanding)

Review - Virtual Candice

Strip Games
Average: 3.2 (14 votes)1

Product Category: Strip Games

Platform: MS Windows Virtual Candice - Home Page

Company Line:

See gorgeous Candice in full 3D animation on your very own desktop.  You can see her naked, moving in a series of erotic dances right there in the corner of your screen.

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Review Rating /10 (Outstanding)

Review - Xaya3D Screensavers

Strip Games
Average: 3 (14 votes)1

Product Category: Virtual Strippers

Platform: MS Windows

Xaya3D - Strip Dancing Girl

Company Line:

Xaya brings you animated 3D erotic screensavers: Candice, strip dancing girl, sleeping girl, and magical blossom fairy.

TVSR Score: 
Review Rating /10 (Outstanding)

Review - 3D Stripper / DreamStripper

Strip Games
Average: 1.8 (8 votes)1

Product Category: Strip Games / Adult Game

Platform: MS Windows

DreamStripper - Cowgirl

Company Line - 3D Stripper:

3D Stripper is a customizable adult virtual strip game. 3D Stripper is the only virtual strip club game that allows you to decide the stripper's outfits, her virtual lap dance motions, even customize the music!

You make money by controlling the 3D stripper's dance. The more exotic and exciting the dance, the more cash you make. The more cash you make, the more outfits, dances, and lighting you can use.

Ever wanted to have full control of a stripper without all the negatives of a strip club?  Do whatever you want to your virtual stripper, no bouncers...we promise!

Company Line - DreamStripper:

For less than the cost of a Lap Dance you can Own DreamStripper Professional, The Erotic Adult 3D Sexy Game, or DreamStripper: a sexually charged Adult 3D Sexy Screen Saver where you can watch the hottest most Beautiful 3D virtual woman / babe ever strip nude in your own personal fantasy, hottest 3D Virtual Strip club.

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Review Rating /10 (Outstanding)
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