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Review - 3D Girlz 2

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: Web Browser / Adobe AIR

Pink Tropics - Blow Job

Company Line:

3d Girlz 2 is the most advanced adult 3d sex games on the planet. Fulfill any fantasy with life-like virtual sex graphics that look so good, you'll swear they're real! 3d Girlz 2 is the only 3d sex game that allows you to choose your partner's hair color, eye color, skin color, and piercings.


3D Girlz 2 is the latest product from Soma Vision.  Unlike 3D Girlz, which was a privately branded knock off of Virtual Hotties 2, 3D Girlz 2 is brought you directly by Soma Vision.

Rather than one installable Windows game, 3D Girlz 2 is a available as a series of seperate Adobe AIR playable files that run in your browser.  On the upside this leaves a smaller and more discreet footprint on your computer.  On the downside this means a little more fiddling around to play the game.

Currently there are 6 separate downloadable 3D sex game segments each about 45 Mbytes in size.  Each game offers a unique model, play area, and position.

It's worth pointing out at this point the only input device for the games is the VStroker.  If you don't have one don't bother, you'll pretty much be watching a short animated loop with no way to control the action.

The games load in a full window and run fairly well on a late model computer.  Graphics, animation, and sound effects are of very good quality and on part with what's avaialble in some top selling adult games.

The main window displays the primary view which may be adjusted by selecting from 6 different pre-set camera angles including POV and close-up.  There are no controls for rotating, panning, or zooming the camera manually.

In addition to the main window there is a small inset window which can show you a secondary view offering 2 of the camera angles plus a close-up.  This seems pretty redundant, though I suppose some guys would like to be able to glance over at the close up from time to time during the action.  Thankfully the window can be minimized if bothersome.

Other controls simply adjust the sensitivity and show the speed of the VStroker, assuming you have one.

The female models in 3D Girlz 2 do a relatively nice job of getting it on with their male couterparts, but there is absolutely no variety in any of the games.  Each 3d sex game applet offers one position of intercourse, and that's it.  There is no way to customize a model, no oral, no anal, no pop shots, and no more positions... i.e. if you want another position you'll have to download and play another game.

The 6 games offered do include some different models, but not substantially different.  For the most part the models have different color and style of hair, different sized tits, and slightly different color skin-tone.  The positions offered are doggy, girl on top, reverse cowgirl, and missionary.  The sounds effects are pretty good with accurate moaning and groaning, though the girls don't speak and there is no music.

One saving grace of the game is some of the bonus content Soma Vision offers including 3D Stripper, a few scenes from Pink Tropics, and a few other tidbits. 






  • High quality graphics, animation, and sound effects
  • Discreet installation
  • VStroker support


  • No fine control of camera angles
  • Only one position and one model per game applet
  • No controls except for VStroker
  • Extremely pricey subscription fee

Pink Tropics - Cowgirl The Skinny:

Soma Vision has done a wonderful job of promoting this game, which is a short series of 3d erotic loops you can control with the VStroker.  If you're looking for more VStroker content this might be worth while, if you don't have one you should pass this one up.  While the 3d sex games offer good quality graphics and sound there are virtually no customizations or variety available to keep things fresh.  Simply put, the subscription fee is almost insulting given what little content is really offered.

Demo: No

Cost: US$21.58/30 days, $64.83/180 days, US$99.45/365 days

Maker: Soma Vision

Link: Pink Tropics

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Review - 3D Girlz 2
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