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Review - 3D Plaything

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

3D Plaything - Glamour Shot

Company Line:

In the 3D PLAYTHING BODYSHOP you can customize your living sex toy to suit your wildest fetish. A range of hairstyles, skin color and bikini. You can build your perfect dream girl right down to the color of her eyes!

The 3D PLAYTHING PLAYROOM is where you get to meet your customized playmate in an intimate settng where you control how dirty the experience becomes. Stimulate your virtual sex partner with various sex toys in multiple positions.


3D Plaything is a relatively basic interactive sex simulation (3D sex game) offering only toy play, i.e. no male on female, or female on female action.  It should be pointed out up front  that 3D Plaything is packaged along with 2D Playmates (a porn gallery series), and FlashLive (Flash Anime Art from Japan).  Alternatively 3D Plaything and the bonuses can be bundled with SomaDolls and or SomaVision web-sites under one discounted membership.

Once you order your membership and downoad the program you'll need to install it and then login each time you run it.  Apparently the login and password, which is used universally by all users, is changed every 3 days.  That means regular logging on to the site to get the latest information is required.

The program can run windowed or full-screen at virtually any resolution.  From the main screen there are menu items for Body Shop, Quickstart, Options, Logout, and Quit.  In the version I tested the Options menu didn't work, so I suppose that is reserved for future funcationality.  Selecting Quit exists the program, while Logout simply brings up the login screen again; I have no idea why you'd want to do that?

The primary menu choice then is Body Shop, by default, where you may customize the model.  You may select blonde, brunette, or redhead, and for the girl to wear her hair down, up in a bun, or in a pony tail.  You may also choose from blue, green, or brown eyes.  As for the model's body you may only adjust breast size (3 options), and skin color (I couldn't see much difference between the three choices).  Lastly, you can select 3 bikini colors.  At the end of the day you are pretty well left with a voluptuous cacausion chick with B, C, or DD sized boobs.  On the upside the girl is very attractive and the graphics looked quite good on my hi-resolution monitor.3D Plaything - Oral Dildo

Once happy with your customization you can go directly to the swanky condo to get to the action.  This is the same as using the Quick Start menu item, except the girl will already be cutomized to your preferences.  You can always quickly change back to the Body Shop to make alterations in game although doing so can put the girl in an impossible pose once returning to the condo, e.g. floating in mid-air in a seated position.

Within the condo you can choose four seperate locations to have some fun with the girl; two carpeted areas, a chair, and a couch.  There isn't much significance to each area, except that each designates which positions you can pose the girl in.  Controlling the view point is intuitive and easy to control.  Press down the left mouse button and you may rotate around, and up and over the girl, in 360°.  Press down the right mouse button and you can zoom in/out by pushing the mouse forward and backward.  It would be nice if you could get a little lower upward angle for some poses, but what's provided is more than adequate.

Click on the bikini button and the girl utters one of her four lines in the entire program, "so you wanna watch me undress?"  She doesn't really undress, the bikini simply fades out revealing her in the buff.

Ok, so once the preliminaries are over there are quite a few poses you may put the girl in, 9 to be exact.  Keep in mind that if you want her in a seated pose she'll need to be on the chair or couch.

There really isn't too much to do in this simulartion at this point.  You have one menu where you can select her mouth, pussy, or ass for penetration.  A second menu faciliates selection of 5 different dildos.  The last toy, which doesn't work, appears to be an actual penis, so perhaps there is an intention to add male on female sex in the near future.

It's quite simple from here.  Pick a pose, pick an oriface (she'll respond verabally with one of three lines), and pick a toy.  Controlling the toy is a manual process.  You'll need to point to the toy, hold down the left mouse button, and move the mouse back and forth to move it in and out.  The girl moans in delight as you penetrate her, but after three or four utterances of "oh yeah" you realize that's her fourth and final line.  Another disspointment was that the girl's body and face don't react at all to the toy; it would be nice if at least her mouth moved to match her moans.

The rather spartan sound effects are off-set slightly by a good sounding jazz track that plays continuously in the background; and is fitting for the scene.  Unfortunately even this becomes old in a hurry, and since the option menu doesn't work, there is no way to turn it off.

3D Plaything - Missionary Dildo


Easy to use interface and attractive well drawn model.    


Lackluster interactivity, no male on female or female on female sex, several minor bugs or missing functionality.

3D Plaything - Anal Dildo

The Skinny:

3D Plaything offers minimal functionality compared with some other products in the 3D sex game genre.  The model is quite attractive but customization is pretty weak at this point.  This appears to be more of a work in progress than a finished product.  The product has great potential, but is likely only worth the investment if you also want the photo sets and Flash Anime available with the membership.  To be honest I was quite dissapointed that the action and models in the program didn't at all match what appears on the home page (although in fairness the "actual screenshots" do match the game).  Hopefully the product will be upgraded in the near future.

Demo: Display of clothed model only

Cost: US$19.95/month, US$49.95/3 months, US$14.95/3 day trial

Maker: Somavision

Link: 3D Plaything

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Review - 3D Plaything
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