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Review - 3D Sexvilla

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

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Company Line:

NEW ! Breathtaking interactive virtual sex with the all new 3D SexVilla. Visit hot chicks in their sex villa and satisfy their hunger for lust !


3D SexVilla is the follow up 3D sex game to the highly successful 3D Slut, from Thrixxx.  3D SexVilla membership comes bundled with 3D Slut and 3D GoGo for one price.  Considered by many to be the top product in the industry, the application comes loaded with features and options.

To start, you can choose from 10 different women, each with a unique heritage and voiced appropriately. Also, there are now 6 instead of 2 men to choose from, a much needed update since 3D Slut.  The menu system has been improved through some reorganization.  Also the menus are smaller and retract leaving more real-estate for the scene. 

In addition customization capabilities have been upgraded significantly.  Whereas in 3D slut you could adjust breast size, in SexVilla you can change 7 different breast parameters including size, shape, level, liftup, rotation, spacing, and nipple type. 

The main customization menus have been reduced from four to three and renamed to body, makeup, and accessories.  The clothing menu has been relocated to a more logical position on the lower menu bar.  You may now also customize the models pubic area with 7 different controls.  All total you may customize the girl in 59 different ways, up from 33.  There are also now an astounding 145 items of clothing to choose from.  This menu is organized into outfits, for quick selection, and individual items of clothing for serious customization.  Want to dress your chick up in a football helmet and garters, no problemo!  The men can also be dressed in 3D SexVilla.  The girls have also let there hair down, literally, in this version.  Two of the girls sport over the shoulder hair length.

3D SexVilla - Masturbation

There are now 14 different locations in which to play, up from 9 in the predecessor.  Three of the play areas, Photo Studio, Locker Room, and Fetish Club offer scenario play.  Other locales, Living Room, Bedroom, Room of Dreams, Beach, Hall of Ceremonies, Loft, Office, Ancient Ruins, Barn, Pirate Ship, and Airplane offer standard play.  Each scene has appropriate outfits for the models, although you can certainly change the outifts as you see fit. 

While I don't recall the number of sexual activities and positions offered in the previous version, I think there are at least several more in the latest release.  The variety of sexual activities is huge and includes all the foreplay you can imagine, the usual positions for oral, intercourse, and anal, plus flogging, bondage, the use of a wide variety of toys, and more depending on where and with whom you choose to play. The ladies can even sport a strap-on should you line up some girl on girl action. 

The graphics and animation quality, which were already very good in the previous product, have been stepped up even more, but do push processing speed if you turn up the graphics to the highest resolution possible.   Certainly the scenes are much more richly produced.  Collision detection was performed impeccably well, just as before.

The sound package is strong as always, as the girls talk to you, music plays in the background, and sounds effects are provided to fit the scene. Graphics and sound are customizable to your liking and to suit your PC.

3D SexVilla - Blow Job

Controlling the action in this 3D sex game is very intuitive and easy and requires use of the mouse only, although many keyboard shortcuts are available if you prefer. Controls for the camera focus and zoom as well as for snapping photos are available from the bottom menu. To rotate the camera you left-click anywhere but on a menu or model and move the mouse around for a full 360° freedom of motion. To zoom in and out you left-click anywhere and push the mouse forward and backward. If you can't seem to get the angle you want try changing the camera focus from the control provided or select a first person view, for either character.

Moving the mouse over the model controls the action, whether you are massaging her tits or riding her doggy style. Most scenes are open ended, but some require you respond to some dialogue up front before you can get into the action.  I found the "scenarios" aspect of 3D Slut was much better than this update.  Essentially you walk through 3 or 4 conversation windows which aren't even voiced, and then the game goes back to default standard mode for the duration.

The girls start out clothed and usually give you some hints on what they'd like to start with before getting to the main event. You can set up any scene with just a girl, girl-girl, or guy-girl action.  The program is completely open ended in that you can start out with anal sex immediately if you wish, rather than going through a progression of foreplay first.  Of course, doing so means the girl will never get hot or have an orgasm.

The girls come with two meters, one for excitement, and one for pain.  As the excitement meter increases she will be more vocal and let you know she's getting close.  Once the excitement meter reaches maximum she will have an orgasm.  The pain meter works with the BDSM toys, such as the paddle or whip.  The controls for those are a little tricky since you have to hold down the right mouse and click the left mouse button to crack the whip. 

3D SexVilla - Strap On

As mentioned above I wasn't able to get the flogging toys working for some reason, but there is quite a lineup of other toys at your disposal, almost 30 by my count.  To manipulate a toy just select it, and the orifice you want it in, from the menu, and then click and drag with the mouse to manipulate it.  Actions by the girls, such as giving head, or playing with a toy, will happen automatically.  You will need to manipulate the characters for sex, even if the girl is on top.

Curiously, even when the guy's excitement bar reaches full, he doesn't actually have an orgasm.  Instead, when you click the orgasm button, you get a large virtual cock you can control.  Point and click with the mouse to coat the girl with your man juice.  I would prefer it if the male model would cum.  Frankly I'm not sure why Thrixxx went in this direction since you can already put the camera in first person mode.

If you would like a more realistic experience you can obtain a Virtual Sex Stroker or Interactive Fleshlight to control the action. These great devices let you move your penis in and out to control the action in real-time.

This game requires connection to the internet to run since it will download content and updates dynamically each time you load a scene.

3D SexVilla - Anal


  • Unbelievably large variety of options and customization
  • Great graphics and sound including real voices
  • Rich looking environments


  • Male characters don't ejaculate
  • Flogging controls overly complicated

The Skinny:

3D SexVilla is, without a doubt, the best 3D sex game available on the market.  The product has a few minor flaws such as no ejaculation from male characters, and confusing controls for flogging.

The environments are extremely realistic right down to appropriate background sounds.  The girls look fantastic and can be customized to suit just about anybody's specifications.  The graphics and sound are brilliant, and even better than in their predecessor.  To get the full benefit of this advanced program you will need a fast PC and graphics card.

Demo: Tutorial mode, one character and location, no sex

Cost: US$29.95/month, US$65.95/3 months, US$9.99/3 day trial

Maker: ThriXXX

Link: 3D SexVilla

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Review - 3D Sexvilla
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