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Review - 3D SexVilla 2

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

Link: 3D SexVilla 2

Company Line:

Sexvilla is more than just interactive images or video clips!  Check out the hottest cyber sex game in realtime 3D!  It's like actually being there!!  Blow Job, Riding, Doggy ... however you like it.  Choose your favorite interactive soft- and hardcore sex poses!  Choose the chick you like or create your own dream girl ... whatever you do, these virtual girls are always horny and willing to make you cum!  Let your fantasies come true ... unlimited 3D sex all over the world!  Access now to get virtual sex games with 3D movement and interaction with realistic lifelike girls never seen before. Forget about the so-called interactive 3D images and flash animations!


3D SexVilla 2 - Ever-Lust is essentially an update to 3D SexVilla (see our review of 3D SexVilla) and offers a variety of great new features.  In this review we will discuss the new features of 3D SexVilla 2. 

As always, this adult game is bundled with 3D Slut and 3D GoGo for one price.  I'm not sure why 3D Slut is offered at this point since it's simply an extremely old version of 3D SexVilla.  I suppose 3D Slut still has some value as a brand for driving traffic to the site so they aren't ready to drop it yet.

The cast of 3D SexVilla 2 has been increased to include Maria, a Portuguese girl, Lady Adriana, a Polish dominatrix, and Ryan, a male character from Australia.  These characters were actually introduced in a recent patch and it's quite likely the folks at Thrixxx are developing more as I'm writing this review.

The new edition of the virtual sex phenom offers exactly the same GUI (graphical user interface) as the previous version, which is great because it was just about perfect with easy to access controls that can be moved out the way when not needed.  You can now create your own custom tool bar with your favorite commands for ever greater control.

Slut takes a beating in SexVilla

A lot of the development work has gone into dramatically enhancing the customization capabilities of SexVilla.

Customization has now been integrated into to the 3D sex game as part of the overall experience, rather than a task you have to do, like setting game options before playing.  Making over characters now happens in a dedicated dressing room.

In this edition of SexVilla girls can now be made over with many more body adjustments, a plethora of tattoos, piercings, jewelry, and hairstyles.  The wardrobe has been increased too, providing a seemingly endless variety of dress up options.  Finally, and most importantly, the "FaceMaker" has been introduced which allows you to customize your model's face any way you want.  Ever wanted to bang a particular starlett such as Scarlett Johanson; now you can!  The FaceMaker is by far the most significant improvement to the game.

In addition to the 14 existing areas to play in 3D SexVilla 2, the pool, the stage, and backstage areas have been added making the number of options phenominal.  As always there are specific outfits designed for each area, but you can completely customize outfits to your own liking.

Blonde slut sucks big black dick in Sexvilla

Another big enhancement is the actual game play, which is typically lacking in this genre of sex games.  Every single locale in 3D SexVilla 2 offers free fuck mode, quick mode, and story mode.  Each story mode challenges you to get the girl, or girls, out of the their clothes and even offers different difficulty levels.  This feature alone turns what was really once a sex simulation into a fully featured game.  Finally for more fun, you can now earn "sex coins" for good play, which you can redeem at the SexVilla 2 on-line store to unlock even more game features.

I don't exactly recall the number of sexual activities and positions offered in the previous version, but I'm pretty sure they have found a way to squeeze even more in.  The sex also seems a little more realistic, although I can't put my finger on exactly what they've changed.  One obvious upgrade to SexVilla is the addition of foreplay which  includes kissing and petting.  The other obvious upgrade is the ability to actually ejaculate on the ladies; yes that includes on thier butts, on thier tits, and even on their faces.

The extremely high production quality of this game is still intact.  The game plays beautifully well, the graphics are extremely impressive, and the sound is excellent with properly voiced characters, music, and fantastic sound effects that are relavent to the scene.  Animation may be even slightly better than the older edition of the game, and collision detection is still perfect.    

Game control in 3D SexVilla 2 works exactly as before, with intuitive 3D controls that allow for viewing in 360° and zooming in and out.  Snapping shots of the action is available through the easy to use camera interface.  Later you can view your "photos" which are saved as jpeg files; a feature now offered by most sex  games

Manipulating the models and game play, once again, works just like in the previous version, and is a point and click affair.

To learn more on game play see our 3D SexVilla review.

If you would like a more realistic experience you can obtain a VStroker to control the action. These great devices let you move your penis in and out to control the action in real-time.

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  • New story mode and FaceMaker enhancements are incredibly good
  • Product still offers the rich experience and features that made this game number 1 in the first place


  • None worth mentioning

The Skinny:

3D SexVilla 2 has taken 3D sex games (virtual sex) to a new level with a much richer game play, more realistic sex, and customization capabilities that are out of this world.

It will be very interesting to see whether competitors can keep up to this essentially perfect product offered up by Thrixxx.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Demo: Tutorial mode, one character and location, no sex

Cost: US$9.95 + purchase in game content

Maker: ThriXXX

Link: 3D SexVilla 2

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Review - 3D SexVilla 2
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