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Review - 3D Stripper: Jill Kawaii

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows 

Jill Kawaii - Blow Job

Company Line:

Jill Kawaii is a 3D highly detailed computer generated stripper.


Jill Kawaii from Strawberry Shake is actually a series of applications offering a variety of interactive scnearios.  In some of the sex games Jill pole or gogo dances for your enjoyment while you control various dance moves and camera angels.  In other downloads you passively sit back and watch Jill in a fully rendered porn film.  There are currently 11 dowloads in total, and one membership gives you access to all of them.

The grahics in the games and movies are excellent, Jill Kawaii is drawn in the style of anime or eroge, and is beautfully detailed and animated.  Likewise the music is very high quality and well suited for each game or movie scene.  The sound effects are a little sparse and not well syncronized with the character; but it's a minor issue.  A bigger issue is that the applets will only run in a small window despite how powerful your PC is.

Jill Kawaii - Pole Dance

The sex games are realatively straight forward.  In some games Jill will dance on screen and you can select random looping scenes which involve various dance moves and selectable outfits.  In the gogo dancer game new outfits pop up on screen every 10 seconds or so until you have about 50 or so to choose from.  Unfortunately in this game, Jill doesn't actually get naked.  In the pole dancing game Jill dances naked and you can choose from a variety of dance moves.  In another game "after work" you click on screen to fondle Jill's tits a dozen times and then you get to fondle her tits in a different way another dozen times, and so on.  It's not overly exciting since you're doing this through her shirt.  In most cases the loops are very short, about 2-3 seconds each, and most of the "moves" are simply the same move over and over again, but shot at a different angle.

The movies were surprisingly hot, although penises are pixelated in every scene as per Japanese law.  Still the pixelation is so fine it's hardly noticable at times.  Like the stripper games, the movies feature a number of looped scenes (often the same scene from a different angle).  Unlike the games there is absolutely no interaction or controls, in fact you can't even fast forward or rewind to your favorite part.

It was surprising to see the files range in size from about 5 MB all the way up to nearly 625 MB, so downloading some files could take a while.  Also, each file is installed as a seperate program which ends up taking up a lot of icons on your desktop.  It would be better if all games could be downloaded as a pack and run from one main executible.

Jill Kawaii - Fondle


  • Fantastic looking anime/eroge style character
  • Good music
  • Hot scenes in movies


  • Little interaction
  • Pixelated members
  • Windowed display only
  • No dowload pack.

The Skinny:

3D Stripper: Jill Kawaii offers some hot anime/eroge action with great graphics and sound.  The mulitiple applications would be better if they could be integrated into a package, and run in full screen display mode.  The games don't offer much interactivity, and the videos don't offer any.  Still the sex videos are very well designed and suprisingly arousing.  Very good quality sex games here! 

Demo: Downloadable video gallery

Cost: US$24.95/month

Maker: Strawberry Shake Software Group 

Link: Kawaii Stripper

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Review - 3D Stripper: Jill Kawaii
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Hi everyone this is Mizaki Tanaka from Strawberry Shake Software Group. I wanted to add on the review, that there are monthly Jill Kawaii updates, my blog showing latest work in progress and the peep show Nozoki TV.

We work hard to make our members happy. We hope you download our free demo to try.



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I just wanted to addon that now we have 20 softwares ready. From the last review of this. We have improved a whole lot. Visit our website...



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