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Review - The 67's 3D Sex Game

Product Category: Adult Flash Games Site 

Platform: S3DWebPlayer and Internet Browser 

The 67's 3D Sex Game

Company Line: 

The 67's 3D Sex Game is a 100% free in-browser sex game.

Overview: has introduced their first free 3D Sex Game that runs using the S3DWebPlayer, a small and free browser plug-in.

The Sex Game is fairly basic with modest quality graphics and playability. The 3D Sex Game features just one girl though you can change some features such as body type, hair style, hair color and makeup; the differences are really only obvious with the hair changes.

In game you can choose from 10 different positions including a range of dildo sex, blowjobs and intercourse poses.  The speed is selectable in three settings and you can adjust the camera view using zoom, pan and rotate controls though we found them a little awkward to use at first.  Finally you can auto select the view between lower body, mid body and face.

Sound includes some juicy sexual sounds and the girl talking dirty almost continuously.  The voice acting is quite good though repetative with a lot of "fuck yeah" and "I want you to cum in me" type of action.  Unfortunatly there is no volume setting or mute so be prepared to turn down the sound on your PC before starting the game.

The game offers no pop shots but is still fun and sexy... hey it's free afterall.


  • Free
  • Good selection of sexual acts/positions
  • Excellent voice acting


  • Not the best graphics or animation
  • No pop shots
  • Akward controls
  • No volume/mute controls

The Skinny:

The 67's 3D Sex Game is fun to play, quite sexual with excellent dirty talk but lacks high quality animation and graphics. Downloading and installing the light weight player is quick and easy. We found the controls in this 3D Sex Game a little challenging to use and the model variety lacking but still a good free offering that's worth a look.

Cost: Free

Link: The 67's 3D Sex Game

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Review - The 67's 3D Sex Game
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review | by Dr. Radut