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Review - ActiveDolls

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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Company Line:

Acitve Dolls is the new interactive experience in Adult Virtual Beauty.  Once installed in your computer, you will play with the collest digital models and shoot the hottest scenese immediately.  Watch your favorite model workn' it for the camera!  ActiveDolls performs in your computer the experience of a model session as if you were the stylist and the photogapher.  Select a girl from among our 6 sexy models.  Each girl has her own attitude, voice, measurements and unique garments.  You can dress the model as you want, and also select make-up, skin tone, and tattoos.

Click & Drag the cursor over her "Hot Areas" and the model will caress herself as you want.  She will get so excited!  The model will do it in many ways, depending on the area and the pose.  Discover all the possibilities using fingers or dildoes.  One girl not enough, control a partner girl with the best girl on girl performance!


From Pineapple Works comes ActiveDolls, the 3D sex game that offers up premade playmates that perform for you on your own computer.  The most striking attribute of ActiveDolls is that it offers up single girl action or girl on girl action only.  You won't find nary one penis in this virtual sex application.  The game is set up as if you are the photographer on a model shoot.  You choose the poses and/or actions for the girls and then catch them in the act.

The program starts at the model selection screen where you can pick from six different models.  That may not sound like a lot, but each girl has a different body type, skin tone, hair color and style, eyes, and unique selection of outfits.  While each girl represents a different country, they are all caucasian except for Kaori, who hails from Japan.

ActiveDolls Toy Fuck

From this screen you select your primary model and also another playmate, should you wish to see some lesbian action.  Once you pick a girl to your liking you click on the dressing room menu item to dress her up for her photo shoot.  There are quite a few custom themed outfits you can choose for your girl, but if you like you can choose from hundreds of other itemized pieces of clothing, accessories, make-up, tattoos, hair styles (including pubic hair), and much much more.  You can even choose to slather on a variety of sun-tan oil and skin lotions.

Once you have the girl dressed up just right, you click on the session menu item to select the location for your photo shoot.  There are only four choices, and although the scenes are in in exotic locales, they are all inside the confines of a basic room.  There aren't any fantasy rooms available, which is unfortunate.  On the bright side, the entire set up menu system is brilliantly designed and intuitive and easy to use.

Once in the scene you'll see that the room, while not highly detailed, is well rendered.  More importantly the girls look amazing and move very naturally, including bouncing breasts.  There are a number of control boxes that stay permanently on screen for quick access.  On the left is the clothing menu, bottom left the visual controls, and bottom right corner has controls for the model. 

ActiveDolls Strapon

The controls are a little confusing at first.  By default the model is set to pose automatically.  She'll mull about in one position for a while, and then randomly walk to another part of the room and go through a series of moves.  You don't have any control over camera angle in this mode.  To control the camera you must first click on the "camera mode" button.  Once in that mode, apparent by the cross-hair display, you'll have the usual freedom to move around in 360° and to zoom in and out by holding down the right mouse button and pushing the mouse back and forth.  If you're having trouble focusing where you want you can change the target location by clicking on that control, and then on the girl.  The game advertises the closest close ups and they aren't kidding; you can really zoom in you pervert!

The are a number of controls available for providing various lighting effects such as black and white, sepia, and various colored lights.  When you have the shot set up just how you want it, click the left mouse button as a very high quality screen capture will be saved automatically.  Later you can browse through your photo albums from the aptly named menu item.

Within the room there are many pieces of furniture available for the girl to pose on.  Just click on the appropriate prop button and the girl will mosey on over to it and assume the position.  To select another poses just click on the pose button you like; keeping in mind that different props allow for different poses. 

ActiveDolls Strapon Doggy

Like other controls, playing the girls can be tricky at first.  If you have a girl posed appropriately, and turn off camera mode you can get the girl to play with herself by clicking and holding on any naughty part and moving the mouse around.  If you want her to play with her pussy, for example, you will need to first have a clear view of it.  You will know you are on the right track when the mouse cursor turns into a hand.  Perhaps I'm and idiot but I couldn't figure out how to use the toys in the single girl mode.

As a girl pleasures herself the climax meter will increase until she cums, which lasts for about 2 seconds.  If you want to speed the process up you can activate autosex mode which leaves you free to shoot photos of the action.

You can partner the girl up with another hottie at the click of a button.  The other girl will appear wearing a strap on and the ladies will get down to having some serious fun.  It was a let down that there is only one position available per location, e.g. doggy on the floor and cowgirl on the bed.  Equallly disappointing is the fact that there is only vaginal penetration in the game. ActiveDolls Strapon Penetration

The graphics and animation in the 3D sex game are excellent, with no collision problems to be seen.  The game doesn't offer any music and the only detectable sound effect is the girl walking across the floor.  The girls do talk in various accents which is a nice touch, but only when introducing themselves.  They only utter a word or two during the moaning and groaning that takes place when they pleasure themselves.


  • Great selection of predesigned girls and outfits available at the click of a button
  • Excellent graphics and animation
  • Very well designed user interface 


  • No male characters
  • No oral or anal sex
  • Very limited sound effects and no music.

The Skinny:

ActiveDolls provides a lot of bang for the buck at a low one time fee; many sex games charge the same amount for a two month subscription.  The game offers great predesigned models which is very nice for lazy people like me.  The graphics are excellent but the sound effects aren't great.   The models are uniquely voiced which does add to the experience.  The game only offers single girl or girl on girl action, and there is no oral or anal sex function.  The photo shoot idea has been done, but ActiveDolls does do it extremely well.

Demo: Tutorial mode

Cost: US$44.95

Maker: Pineapple Works 

Link: ActiveDolls

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Review - ActiveDolls
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Actually, there is one position in which anal is possible. Simply have your model head over to the small table and position her with her leg on it. Click partner, and you should have a strap on equipped girl doing anal with your model.

Great tip!

Thanks for the info, anal is my favorite ;-)

review | by Dr. Radut