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Review - Adult 4D

Product Category: POV Porn

Platform: Web Browser - Media Player

Adult 4D

Company Line:

Enjoy Sexy Girls in True 3D!


Adult 4D brings you real 3D pornography using a variety of technologies including stereographic, anaglyph (red and blue 3d glasses), 3D television, or 3D monitor.

Content is delivered in a variety of formats to suit the above technologies and currently includes a large collection of 3D photos and decent sized collection of 3D videos.  Most of the photo shoots and videos feature solo girls, but there are a few lesbian spreads and a few featuring guy/girl action.  All in all we counted about a dozen different girls, each with several photo shoots and videos.  The girls are of varying hotness, but there are definitely a few top notch ladies in the collection; Viktoria Sweet and Eufrat come to mind.  Adult 4D promises more hardcore couples action in the coming weeks.

All content is downloadable and in addition photo shoots can be viewed online with a light box widget served on site... though we did find the tool somewhat slow to load.  If you have Picasa downloading is a better option.  Many vidoes are available in 1080p 3D format and are 3D TV ready.  

Of course, whatever you download will require some way to view it in 3D.  Fortunately Adult 4D offers all the afformentioned formats and has an excellent FAQ section with how to information.

The "4D" feature claimed by Adult 4D is a bit odd.  This is really nothing more than them suggesting you waft perfume in your face as you watch the videos... maybe you should still dirty undies in your face for even more realism.  But seriously, we don't think smell-o-vision has quite taken off yet.

Adult 4D offers new content every week, but you will need to maintain your membership to access it.  Apparently, in some cases, they will even develop content from emailed client requests.  Pricing is a little steep but if you have a 3D monitor or 3D television it's probably worth it given the general lack of 3D content.


  • Good amount of 3D content available
  • Virtually every 3D format supported
  • Nice how-to FAQ on various 3D technologies
  • All materials are downloadable (DLC)


  • Varying quality of girls
  • Not much hardcore action available at this time
  • Somewhat pricey recurring membership fees

The Skinny:

Adult 4D is a good solution for anybody into 3D porn.  Let's face it, there simply isn't much 3D adult content available so this is one of the few places you can get some.  The quality of the girls varies widely, and there isn't much hardcore action.  Still, there are a few hot women and the video/photos are very good quality and fully downloadable.  One great feature of the site is the FAQ offering information on various 3D technologies and how to use them.  While the recurring membership fee is a little steep this is the best 3D porn sites we've seen so far.

Cost: US$34.95/first month, $24.95/second month, decreasing to $19.95/month

Maker: Adult 4D

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Review - Adult 4D
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review | by Dr. Radut