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Review - Adult Friend Finder

Product Category: Adult Dating

Type:  Subscription

Adult Friend Finder

Company Line:

Adult FriendFinder is the world's largest adult sex and swingers site!  You can find new hookups with the hottest singles and wildest couples.  Whether you're looking for sex chat, nude webcams, swinger action, group sex, or adult personals, you'll get it on Adult FriendFinder.  Turn your wildest fantasies into reality.  Join today and make love tonight!


Adult FriendFinder is simply the largest adult dating site in existence.  The site boasts nearly 20 million members from around the world.  In a business where the clients are the product AFF wins hands down.

With AFF it's completely free to post your ad.  Paid members may then contact you without any additional cost.  Likewise paid monthly subscriptions are available that allow you to initiate contact with other free and paid members.  Memberships can be purchased at three different levels called bronze, silver, and gold.  Each level offers additional functionality such as more precise search filters and higher profile placement in search results.  In addition, discounts are offered for prepaying quarterly or yearly subscriptions.

AFF really is a mega site offering so many features it's hard to sum them up in a single review.  Besides the traditional adult dating features, AFF provides chat rooms, member webcam feeds, groups, blogs, and an E-zine.

Special Features:

Chat rooms are flash based, well laid out, and easy to use.  Rooms are available by topic such as swingers or BDSM, and by location, such as Western Canada or California.  The rooms are active 24/7 and there is no limit on the number of people that can be present in any one room.

Exhibitionism is alive and well over at AFF.  There are literally hundreds of free live member webcams available for viewing at any given time.  Feeds are categorized by sex, i.e. male, female, FM, FF, MM, and there's even a section for transgendered.

The E-zine offers tips and articles from people in the know.  Featured "Sexperts" include porn goddess Savanna Samson and Penthouse editor Rachel Kramer Bussel.


Adult Friend Finder provides you with the most comprehensive profile around.  Within personal attributes are the usual height, weight, body type,  relationship status, ethnicity, etc., but they go one step further to include endowment size and type.  This is handy for those of you that like big boobs.  You can post up to 10 photos in your profile and there are no restrictions on how hardcore you want to get, including full on intercourse close-ups.  AFF even groups your naughty photos into the explicit category for those that want to or may not want to see what you look like in your birthday suit.

There are, of course, sections for writing about who you are and who or what you are looking for.  In addition you can check off what type of relationship and activities you are interested in; women or couples, and oral sex or BDSM, for example.

For a more complete profile you may optionally fill in the sexual compatibility, purity test, and personality type surveys.

Want to put more of you out there, no problem; you can create a photo and video album which you can share with your AFF friends.


The search interface is great if you have a silver or gold membership, but otherwise you had better be prepared to sift through hundreds of ads in order to find what you're looking for.  Without the silver or gold upgrade you won't be able to narrow your search by physical attributes or specific location.  With the silver and gold membership the search function is excellent and lets you select filters from a few dozen different categories.

The quality of members appears to be incredible on the surface.  Unfortunately it becomes clear pretty quickly that AFF has a significant problem with spammers.  Essentially people set up profiles that appear to be smoking hot 21 year models that say they are dirty whores in the sack and that they'll do virtually anybody at the drop of a hat.  Once you contact them they use your email to send you ads for web cam sites.  AFF has taken measures to curtail this but still have a little way to go to completely eliminate it. 

On the bright side, there really are a tremendous number of real people looking for real sex on the site.  The vast majority of people on the site are for real, but you may want to stay away from anybody that looks like Jenna Jameson.

The Experience:

The experience on AFF is pretty good.  Keep in mind that adult dating mostly attract single men and couples that are all looking for much more rare single women.  Competition for women is even fiercer than regular dating sites so you need to contact many women with well written and thoughtful responses.  Be patient, with a site this big there are sure to be several women just right for you.  On the other hand, if you're a single woman, get ready for the time of your life!


  • The biggest adult personals with the most content and features around.


  • Limited feature set unless you upgrade to silver or gold membership
  • Too many fake profiles.

The Skinny:

AFF is the best adult personals site in existence.  Just about every feature you can think of is at your disposal, assuming you're willing to upgrade to one of the higher tier membership plans.  You are bound to find local singles or couples that want to meet you, but you'll need to work for it.  Keep an eye out for spam traps and help AFF clean up the site.   

Demo: can't initiate contact with other members

Cost: US$20-30/month for silver or gold memberships 

Link: Adult FriendFinder

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Review - Adult Friend Finder
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AFF does not respond to complaints of abuse of its members

I have been a member of AFF for a couple weeks, and I have already had two very disturbing interactions with guys. The second convinced me that I don't want anything to do with this site again. I met a guy for a meet and greet lunch and then decided that I didn't want to meet him again, let alone be intimate. When I let the guy know, he started sending vulgar harassing text messages that were scary enough that I contacted local police. The deputy who took my report agreed that this guy is unstable and potentially very dangerous to women. I contacted the so called customer service department at AFF to make them aware of the situation. Not only was the representative rude, dismissive, and totally nonchalant, he informed me that they don't get involved with members' outside communication. I explained to him that it went beyond unpleasant communication or a situation that didn't work out. It was abusive not only by the definition of their terms of use but also considered a criminal act by law enforcement. Again, the rep didn't care and refused to let me speak with a supervisor. In fact, he denied that any supervisors or managers were even working. The bottom line is that women, particularly single females, should avoid this site and proceed with extreme caution if they decide to join. Clearly AFF will allow any lowlife who has the cash to join and then won't kick them off when there is reportable criminal activity against their members.

review | by Dr. Radut