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Review - Anal Masters

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows  

Anal Masters Game

Company Line:

Anal Masters is a perfect casual game to spend your spare time with pleasure. This hentai-style arcade features entertaining game-play and a vast collection of exclusive pictures (more than 70 hentai pics and extra image pack support).


Anal Masters from Sex Game Devil is one of their early games in their lineup.  The arcade style adult game is very straight forward and to the point, pardon the pun.  You control a female model that has her ass pointed up in the air.  The object is to move her into position to catch as many falling pointy objects in her ass as possible.  At the same time you have to move her out of the way of all falling round objects. Pointy (good) objects include bottles, bananas, dildos, and cucumbers) while round (bad) objects include basketballs and pumpkins.

The application runs windowed and controls are as simple as moving the mouse to move the anal loving girl. The game-play is very simple and gets old pretty quick as no new progressive challenge is offered. To clear a level simply collect enough butt filling objects while avoiding being hit by too many balls and pumpkins. Each level does offer a unique background image and 70 different levels are offered. The pay-off in the game is that for each level you clear you will get to see an erotic hentai image.

There are 12 different girls to choose from and 6 images of each... hence the aforementioned 70 levels.  To make things a little less boring the game has a reasonably good, although repetitive soundtrack and background music.

The game is similar in quality to a lot of free adult flash games you can find around the net.  Therefore it's quite surprising to find Sex Game Devil is charging such a hefty fee for the full version.  Granted this is an "early" Sex Game Devil offering, but it's perhaps time to reduce the price to something more nominal.


  • Quick and easy game play
  • Good quality hentai images 
  • Decent sound quality
  • A lot of levels


  • repetitive game-play
  • very high price point 

The Skinny:

Anal Masters from Sex Game Devils is your run of the mill free adult flash game, except that it's down-loadable and it's not free.  The game does offer a modest distraction, but is not compelling or addictive like say Tetris or Soduko.  Game-play is repetitive although there are many different hentai images to view and the game does offer solid sound quality.  This game is fun certainly not worth the price of entry. 

Demo: Limited Playability 

Cost: US$19.95 

Maker: Unknown

Link: Anal Masters

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Review - Anal Masters
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review | by Dr. Radut