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Review - Beauty3D: Naked Covergirl 1.0

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

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Beauty 3D: Naked Covergirl is essentially a Strip Black Jack game, but with a more complex game play.  In the game you play the role of a photographer shooting models on an exotic island; there are 4 models to choose from, along with a variety of locations. You may immediately choose a model and head to the beach for a photo shoot. You can move around the beach and select a variety of poses for the girls. The controls were a little tricky at first but you get the hang of it after a few minutes.  The models are rendered in 3D but the graphics are sub-par by today's standards. Furthermore the communication is simply a sub-titled narrative; it would be nice if the girls could speak.  With the default clothing the girls won't get naked.  In order to see some nudity you need to win some money playing Black Jack.  With your winnings you can buy outfits for the girls to, get out of; seems a little backwards to me.


The Black Jack controls are fairly easy to use but the game itself doesn't offer up any eye candy, just a view of the table, cards, and chips.  Even on the easy level I found playing Black Jack about as hard as it is in Vegas.  The goal is to win at least $500 (you start with $500 and can bet up to $100 per hand).  It took me 5 tries just to win the $500 I needed to see some skin.  Once you purchase new outfits you can dress the girls up and then ask them to undress during the photo shoot.  After the photo shoot you may review your photos. 


The Black Jack plays true to life, with the ability to split, double-down, and buy insurance.  The controls are easy to use. 


Sub-par graphics and sound for a modern game.  It takes a long time to make enough money to see the girls nude.  No visual aids while playing Black Jack.

The Skinny:

The price tag for this game is too high considering the poor graphics, sound, and interactivity.  The sex and gambling are separate elements of the game which is frustrating.  The game would be a lot better if the graphics were of higher quality and the two game play elements were combined, perhaps with a sexy Black Jack dealer.  This game is neither good for a Black Jack lover nor a Virtual Sex Game aficionado.

Demo: 3 days, one girl, and 6 minutes per execution 

Cost: US$39.99

Maker: Kaplay

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Review - Beauty3D: Naked Covergirl 1.0
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