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Review - BoneCraft

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

Bone Craft

Company Line:

Somewhere, in some galaxy, hot Elf chicks await!


Here comes BoneCraft, D-Dub's second fighting and sex adventure game offering.  In this highly anticipated sex game you play the part of Captain Fort Worth and lead his crew of space marines to plunder the galaxy.  The object of the game; well to kill as many orcs and fuck as many women (non-humans) as possible of course.

True to the original BoneTown adult game, BoneCraft offers up raunchy sex, fisticuffs, and hilarious parody after hilarious parody.  But what space marine would be complete without a plethora of weapons... this game is loaded with goodies for hand to hand and ranged combat.

BoneCraft starts out with a rather lengthy tutorial aboard your ship. The crew gets particularly rowdy and as captain you'll have to sort things out, by killing each and every one of them... what?  It's just a tutorial to learn the game controls for movement and fighting so we'll pretend it takes place in a holodeck.

Movement works in the traditional way with the D-pad/mouse controls but you'll soon start to feel overwhelmed with extra buttons for your jet-pack (fart-pack), shields, blocking, hand to hand combat, multiple ranged weapons, grenades, "balls attack," power ups, troop commands, and so forth.

BoneCraft Balls Attack

There is a certain amount of randomness to battle as far as timing goes, but thankfully a bunch of button mashing usually does the trick. It can also be a chore to keep your avatar pointing in the direction your want, but you do get accustomed to the controls after some time; I can recall the same experience when I started playing BoneTown.  Once you do get the hang of it you'll be able to keep your distance from your enemy and then rush forward to strike and knock them down before he can start swinging.  There are a number of hand to hand weapons that you can purchase or take away from your enemies along the way such as the bowie knife, saw sword, mace, and others.  Perhaps the most devastating, or at least offensive attack of all is the powerful "balls attack." Whenever your testosterone bar is at 100% you can unleash lightning bolts from your testicles that render your enemies frozen and defenses for a few moments.

Ranged weapons are a little easier to master with simple point and click action (left for primary and right for secondary).  These help a lot as you can mostly stay out of harm's way while delivering massive damage to one or more enemies at a time.  Like melee weapons these can be bought from the store; I haven't been able to grab any of these from my enemies yet.  You can carry two weapons at once, typically a machine gun or shotgun and a flame thrower.  The gun uses ammo (also used for shields) while the flame thrower uses gas, which is shared with your fart-pack.  The shields are self-explanatory while the fart-pack lets you move faster and leap high into the air (sorry no actual flying).  You can enhance weapons and buy more ammo and gas between rounds as well as increase your maximum load-out allowance.  There are also a variety of grenades to choose from; great for pitching into a group of enemies.

Combat is generally set up as a series of progressive waves (rounds) of enemies. The killing part is straight forward, but soon you realize that you must also protect your sexbot from being raped (I didn't think you could rape the willing). Each time she takes the high hard one you'll be penalized with additional enemies.  Stay close and shoot everything that gets near to her and you'll be fine.  You will have troops on the ground to help and may command them to attack random enemies or protect you as needed.

Health, ammo, gas, and cash are coughed up by your enemies once they are deceased.  Grab up the stuff to replenish your supplies and fill your wallet to buy upgrades at the sex store.

Having sex is my favorite part of BoneCraft, but then I'm a pervert. You will have quite a few species to choose from for sex partners including sexbots, orcs and elven women.  You can have sex between rounds of combat to restore your health and increase testosterone; I do it just for fun.

Sex game controls are quite straight forward compared to those of battle. To be good at sex you have simply to match two meters with those of your partners to get them off before shooting your own load. Other than that you can just sit back and watch the action. You can tab through different sexual positions (oral, vaginal, and anal).  If you get bored with the 3 standard poses don't worry tons are available from the sex store, assuming you have the cash. You can also give your gal a little smack to move things along or engage in a little dirty talk.BoneCraft Lesbos

Graphics and animation are pretty well identical to BoneTown, which is not at all bad.  While a generation or two behind top FPS games this is still tops for adult games in this genre.  

The voice acting is excellent and hilarious.  Some crew members include Scotty, Rocky, Dirty Harry, Macho Man, and George Bush... everybody loves bush!  

Gameplay as mentioned above is inline with BoneTown, a little more complex than necessary while at the same time being unsophisticated.

The game uses a fair amount of system resources so don't expect to play this on your 4 year old laptop.

Other than adding the ability to shoot your enemies, the sex game plays exactly the same as BoneTown.  While this is a solid offering that's fun, playable and sexy we we're hoping D-Dub would have come up with something groundbreaking as they'd done with BoneTown. 


  • Good quality graphics and sound
  • Great voice acting
  • Fun and entertaining to play
  • Nice price point
  • Very dirty!


  • Not groundbreaking like BoneTown was
  • Complicated controls
  • Requires a fast computer

BoneCraft Orc Fucking Elf

The Skinny:

BoneCraft takes what was good in BoneTown and gives you more of the same. Other than the change in venue, the addition of shooting combat and new characters the game is a clone of what came before. If you fell in love with BoneTown you may fall in love all over again. The sex game is solid with good gameplay, a funny story line and loads of parodies. The game does need a pretty fast computer as we found out quickly during testing; though in fairness we did evaluate a beta version. If you like your adventure games raunchy and you have the speed to run this sex game it is just the ticket for you. Priced at just $35 there is a lot of value in BoneCraft.

Demo: No

Cost: US$34.99

Maker: A DWC Software Co, D-Dub 

Link: BoneCraft

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Review - BoneCraft
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