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Review - BoneTown

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

Company Line:

In BoneTown we live by the Three F’s, Fucking, fighting, and getting fucked up. Restraint is not a word often used here, and you leave your inhibitions all over the first chick you bone. In BoneTown, Sex on the Beach is more than just a drink, it’s what you’re about to do with that blonde in the short skirt, and all night drug binges, bar brawls, and partying until you drop are a way of life. So kick back, hang out, and enjoy, because this here’s BoneTown, and we ain’t following no laws.


What do you get when you combine the violence of Grand Theft Auto, the cheeky humor of Leisure Suit Larry, and the 3D sex of SexVilla?  The answer, my friends, is BoneTown.  BoneTown is a new sexually explicit and violent 3rd person action-adventure game from DWC Software.

BoneTown offers the high quality graphics, sound, and gameplay we've come to expect from mainstreet games.  In addition, it offers everything in an adult game you can imagine.

The premis of this great adult game is to pound as many heads, and as much pussy as you can, all the while growing the size of your balls, literally.

BoneTown starts out with you getting pissed on while napping on the beach.  A fight ensues, and afterwards you get to bang the thug's smoking hot girlfriend.  Shorly after you've shot your load "The Man" shows up and knocks you out.  When you come to you meet a while trash jewish fellow that gives you a potion that allows you to steal people's identities... but only after you've managed to knock them out.  Now, you're on your own to explore.

BoneTown - Fuck

There are many collectables in the game, most of which can be obtained through vilolence or purchased.  Of course to buy anything you're going to need cash.  Cash can also be obtained through violence, by finding tokens which are hidden throughout the game, or by completing mini challenge games... all of which involve beating people up or banging chicks.

There are quite a few meters you have to concern yourself with in the game.  There's a health meter; when it gets to zero you are knocked out, lose your clothes, weapons, and cash.  There's a ball size meter; the bigger your balls the hotter the chicks you've be able to seduce.  During sex there are meters for your stamina and the girls excitement level.  Get her off before you run out of stamina, that's the key!

You can have 3 kinds of sex in the adult game, fellatio, intercourse, and anal.  Getting your cock sucked will restore your health, fucking will increase your ball size, and anal will increase both.  You're going to have to have pretty big balls even to convince a fat chick to have anal though

There are a multitude of sexual positions, but these are chosen by the game automatically.  Game play isn't that complex during sex, but involves, you guessed it, more meters.  As I mentioned, your stamina will decrease as you go.  To increase her pleasure you have to match both her optimal speed and power meters with the keypad... it's not that difficult actually.  For a little fun you can press the left mouse button to slap her ass while fucking or push her head down if she's sucking your dick.

Fighting in BoneTown is a pretty straight forward affair.  You have to knock the other guy out before your health meter reaches zero, then you can steal his money, drugs, weapon, and his identity.  To fight you press the various mouse buttons to punch, swing a weapon, or block.  Once you have special moves you can use the left shift key and mouse combinations to unleash devestating attacks.  Fighting does take some time to learn properly.  Keeping yourself at a distance and then moving in to attack with combinations works well once you get the hang of it.  As your balls get bigger you will have more powerful strikes; similarly you  can find more powerful weapons. All combat is hand to hand so weapons are comprised of chairs, guitars, wooden legs, and whatever else you find laying around.

Be careful though, because "The Man" (government agent) is always lurking, and if he sees you he'll pound you to a pulp!

BoneTown - Blow Job

The graphics and animation in the adult game are excellent.  The characters are cartoonish and vary widely in size, shape, ethnicity, and clothing style.  The animations for sex are great as you can manipulate the view easily and zoom in for closeups.  Your character shoots a big load which will end up in varying places depending upon position and sex act.  Fighting animations are funny, widely varied, and include stars floating the air when you knock somebody to the ground.

All the characters in the adult game seem to be uniquely voiced and true to appearance.  There is even a guest appearance by famed porn star Ron Jeremy.  The music in the game is hip hop and very well produced, as are the sound effects.

There are tons of options for graphics and sound so you can optimize the game to suit your computer capabilities and personal preferences.

BoneTown offers a giagantic world to explore and game length rivals that of the GTA series.  This game is just about as much fun as you can have with your pants on, oh wait, you'll probably have them off most of the time.


  • Rich gameplay
  • Excellent graphics, animation, and sound
  • Fun, challenging, and entertaining to play
  • Dirty, dirty, dirty!!!


  • Basic controls for sex

BoneTown - FacialThe Skinny:

BoneTown is everything an adult game was meant to be.  There is a rich and complex gaming experience, top notch graphics, animations, and sound.  The game is VERY adult with lots of swearing, fucking, drugs, and up close & personal violence.  The music is provided by many up and coming hip hop artists and the game even features a guest appearance by Rom Jeremy.  If there's any downside to the game it's that the 3D sex isn't overly sophisticated.  In other words, once you get started the sex is pretty linear in each scene.  Still, there are so many different partners and positions offered in this BoneTown that it's not much of a distraction.

Demo: 3 days

Cost: US$34.99/buy or $9.99/month

Maker: A DWC Software Co, D-Dub 

Link: BoneTown

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Review - BoneTown
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