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Review - Cherry Dolls

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

Cherry Dolls - Blow Job

Company Line:

CherryDolls is a 3D interactive virtual sex sim that runs on your Windows PC.  Everything is in full 3D and you have complete control over the camera so you can basically put it anywhere.  You decide how the sex goes, whether it's slow, fast, or just right.  The girl and the guy each have their own level of excitement that changes with what they're doing and how they're doing it. We have 3 delicious girls to choose from right now with more coming very soon.  You can even change the guy and be white, black, or latin depending on your mood.  There's doggystyle, cowgirl, blowjobs, sixty-nine, and more positions to choose from, and they switch it up as they get more excited.  Oh yeah, turn up your speakers because the sound is fucking hot.  Moans, groans, giggles, slurps, and gasps.  What are you waiting for?  It's like half the price of a regular game and you get to have sex with 3D babes! 

Cherry Dolls - Butt Shot


Cherry Dolls is a brand spanking new 3D Sex Game from Ripened Peach Entertainment.  In the game you, as one of 3 different male characters, have virtual sex with one of 3 different girls.  The men are white, latin, or black.  The girls are all white but have different hairstyles, Gretchen (brunette), Bobbi (red head), and Kate (blond).  While the girls are physically different on paper, they all appear with pretty much the same body on screen.

The 3D Sex Game utilizes the most modern development technology and is visually stunning. Three different play areas are offered including the garden, the forest, and the bedroom.

Once you choose your girl and your locale the game starts immediately.  The game uses a straight forward menu system to control the action.  To adjust the view to virtually any angle requires a combination of multiple button presses and mouse moves.  You can zoom, pan, move up and down, dolly, and move the camera just like in the movies... once you get the hang of the controls that is.  To review the controls you can press F1 at any time during game play.  Press F11 at any time to get a screen cap of the action.  Another great, and often forgotten feature, is the panic or "boss" button.  In Cherry Dolls you simply press the Delete key to quickly close the application.

The sex menu uses a series of buttons to select various sex acts.  There are currently doggy, sixty-nine, body-guard (standing and from behind), cowgirl, standing doggy, and blowjob positions offered.  Whenever you select a new position there will be a slight load time delay.  This interupts the flow somewhat and isn't as fluid as in some other top adult games.

Cherry Dolls - Cowgirl

Never the less, once you get to the new position the animation, graphics, and sound are outstanding.  There is often a hint of collision, but nothing too noticeable.  Overall the graphics are very crisp and the animation is smooth and believable with bouncing breasts and subtle movements.  While the characters don't speak the moans, grunts, and groans are provided by voice actors and are synched to the on screen action.  The game doesn't offer a musical track.

Once in a new position you  control the speed with the plus/minus keys or press 0 (zero) to reset to normal speed.  In the lower left hand corner there are two progress bars displayed.  One is red for the girl, the other blue for the guy.  The bars always move in an upward direction.  The move the girl's bar faster the sex speed should be lowered, while just the reverse is true for the guy.

When you get the girl's meter to max out she will have an orgasm complete with writhing body movements and appropriate sound effects.  When you get the guy's meter to max out the game will cut to another scene where you can shoot your load onto the girl's face or boobs.  A little dissapointing is the time lag while you wait for the cut scene, and the fact there there is no visible cock in the money shot.  If you time it right you can also get the characters to cum together; easier to master in the game than in real life.

It's worth pointing out that this is a relatively early version of the 3D Sex Game.  My contact at Ripened Peach tells me they are readying a new version for release next month.  While it's not clear what upgrades we'll be seeing it's likely anal sex and girl on girl action will be in the mix.  With so many other games charging a recurring subscription fee, the one time purchase price for Cherry Dolls is a nice break.  Once you buy the game free upgrades are available for life.

Cherry Dolls - Facial


  • Perhaps the best graphics in the genre
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Nice price point
  • Easy to use panic button


  • Relatively few sex acts currently available
  • Only 3 very similar girls to choose from
  • Too many breaks for load time

The Skinny:

Cherry Dolls is new entry into the 3D Sex Game genre and it shows.  The game quality overall is excellent with perhaps the best graphics and animation engine bar none.  What's clearly lacking is the variety of characters and positions you get from top competitors.  Ripened Peach is hard at work adding these features and we're looking forward to the next upgrade.  The price point for Cherry Dolls is extremely competitive given future upgrades are free.  Cherry Dolls will rock your world with dazzling graphics and animation.  The sex is hot, and the girls are divine.  This is the best bargain in the industry.

Demo: N/A

Cost: US$29.95

Maker: Ripened Peach Entertainment 

Link: Cherry Dolls

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Review - Cherry Dolls
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