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Review - Christie's Room

Product Category: Adult Games 

Platform: Web Browser with Flash Support

Christie's Room - Fighting Game

Company Line:

Meet some of the sexy Christiesroom 3D girls. Play with them in our sexy online adult porn games and view high resolution galleries of each and every 3D girl. Now with over 45 adult porn games online and thousands of high resolution 3D girlz images! 


Christie's room offers a variety of simple point and click flash and shockwave adult games, high resolution 3D anime images, short looping 3D amime videos, screen savers, and computer wallpapers.

The site currently has over 60 mini adult games, all of which run windowed.  Each game is called an episode, although they don't necessarily have any recurring theme in many cases.  The vast majority of the games are essentially a progression of slides you must navigate by clicking on the right thing, or accomplishing some relatively easy hand eye coordination test.

As you progress though each adult game the models will show more skin as you go.  Some games end with photos showing penetration.  Many of these adult games offer scenes of BDSM or other fantasy play.

Other adult games offered are arcade clones such as breakout, tetris, or jigsaw puzzles.  As you work though each level you will see a variety of closeups and naughty parts.

The photos in the games are beautifully drawn and high resolution.  Similarly, the screen savers, wallpaper, photo of the day, and video clips have excellent quality anime drawings.  None of the games offer sounds, which is a shame; there are some basic sound effects in the video clips, however.

On the upside, this pay site offers unique contact that you simply won't find anywhere else.  On the downside, the content, while unique, is overly abundant.  In addition, the games aren't really fun or challenging, and not overly arousing.  While you do have to pay for content, at least you won't accidentily click on ads instead of a game 9 out of 10 times.

Christie's Room - Tetris


  • Content you will not find anywhere else
  • Beautifully drawn models
  • Mixture of arcade and point and click games
  • No Spam
  • Good Bonus Content


  • You can find equally good games on free sites, albeit they are typcially loaded with spam
  • No Sound

The Skinny:

Christie's Room has unique adult games you won't find elsewhere. The games are of mediocre quality and good game play and sound effects are non existant.  If you're tired of clicking on pop-up ads by mistake on other adult game sites, this is a good place for you.  Otherwise I would save your money.

Cost: US$11-14/month, $6 for 3 day trial

Link: Christie's Room

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Review - Christie's Room
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review | by Dr. Radut