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Review - DeskBabes

Product Category: Strip Games

Platform: MS Windows

Company Line:

Discover our amazing collection of sexy beauties! Blond, brunette, in tiny lingerie, femmes fatales, cute students, in solo and duos, teasing, unveiling, caressing, licking, fingering each other, etc. right on your taskbar. Get the women of your dreams on your desktop!


DeskBabes from Totem Entertainment is like VirtuGirl on steroids!  The latest desk-top widget goes way further than strippers dancing on your desk-top.  With DeskBabes you get to see full girl on girl action, completely nude, with fondling, kissing, licking, and even vibrator play.

Just like VirtuGirl, DeskBabes runs in the background and periodically pops up to display incredibly high quality videos of babes; only this time it is a lesbo fest.  Scenes are all fully rendered in HD quality video, without a hint of of ghosting around the edges; the girls really look like they're doing it right on the desk-top.DeskBabes LesbosAs if that's not enough, there are tons of features.  By default the video sits on the right hand side of the screen above the system tray, and takes up about a quarter the height of the screen.  Click on the video in progress and voila, the girls are in the middle of the screen and double the size, still in perfect resolution.  Click again and they go back to the corner.  Both display modes can be fine tuned in settings along with the default display positions.

Want to make things a little more discrete?  No problem, you can set the transparency level, make the girls appear as shadows, or choose just how erotic things will get:

  • all audiences
  • lightly sexy
  • topless
  • full nudity
  • explicit
  • x-rated

Say you just want to just display explicit and x-rated shows, simply turn all the other show types off.  Would you like a little music with that, no problem, you can add files from your own mp3 collection in a snap.

Most importantly you can control which duos you want to appear from your collection, and how often the shows will run from continuously right up to once every 60 minutes.  The DeskBabes software lets you store favorite play lists and search and filter various attributes to find the girls that suit your mood.

If you ever get tired of the girls you've got you can download up to 36 different duos as of time of publishing.  In addition, new duos are being added all the time, you will never get bored.  To get new babes every week you just need to maintain your membership.  If you can't wait a week you can always purchase and download new chicks instantly using the built in credit system.  New lesbian shows can be acquired for as little as $3, and each show has 30-45 minutes of content, quite a bargain.

DeskBabes offers a fully functional portal where you can view bios and photos of the girls you've downloaded.  Each duo also has a forum where you can communicate with other fans.

As an added bonus, DeskBabes also works as a fully featured screen-saver.  All the shows that run on your desktop also run as a full sized screen-saver, and all in outstanding HD quality video.


  • HD quality large format video
  • hot girls and hot sex
  • full of easy to use features
  • excellent free edition
  • screen-saver included


  • none worth mentioning

DeskBabes Cunnilingus

The Skinny:

DeskBabes has somehow raised the bar yet again in the virtual stripper genre.  Not only is this the best adult desk-top widget and screen-saver, but perhaps the greatest desk-top widget and screen-saver period.  The video quality, and girls are simply stunning, and there are tons of girls to choose from.  Upgrading strippers on your desk-top to girls having sex on your desk-top is a stroke of genius.  Hats off to Totem for DeskBabes.

Demo: No explicit sex

Cost: US$3-5/30-45 minute show

Maker: Totem Entertainment

Link: DeskBabes

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Review - DeskBabes
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