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Review - DeskMates

Product Category: Virtual Strip Games / Software Plug-In or Add-in

Platform: WIndows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista 

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DeskMates from Oska Soft has been around since 1997.  The product is a plug-in for Windows that displays a variety of animated characters on your desk-top.  Characters range all the way from G rated 2D cartoon animals through 3D and live action virtual strippers.

For our product evaluation we downloaded the full version of Jewel, a live action virtual stripper.

The bikini clad beauty and former Miss World, Caribbean, starts out standing in the middle of the desk-top just above the task bar.  There she'll stay until you click on her which launches any one of a few dozen actions.

DeskMates - Arianna 

Most the actions involve Jewel wearing a variety of different sexy outfits (some exposing more skin than others) while doing a little pose.  Jewel doesn't speak but each of her moves is supported with music.  Each action lasts for about 10 seconds, which is a lot shorter than I expected.

The image size for the character is a little small in most scenes, although there are scenes where the character is blown up somewhat.

Settings for the strip game provide the ability to turn adult mode on and off, to adjust sound effects, and choose how often the character shows up.  If you have more than one character installed you may also choose which characters are displayed by default. 

Installing the full version of the program involves installing the demo, buying the upgrade, downloading and running an upgrade utility, and finally upgrading the application.  It seems to me that this is a lot of work for a small desk-top plug-in.

Finally, it's worth pointing out that each DeskMates character needs to be purchased separately, and that'll cost you $29.95 each.  There is a discount of 25% if you buy more than one at a time but it a little steep.  On the upside there are no recurring monthly fees like in some other similar applications.

Currently there are 3 live action girls available, Jewel, Tavia, and Arianna.  There is also the "DeskMates 2005" package which offers 12 different ladies for the same $29.95... this seems to be a much better deal. 


  • Hot models and no recurring fees. 


  • Short cut scenes
  • Pricey
  • Complicated installation

The Skinny:

DeskMates offers little stimulation compared to other strip games, and not much more entertainment for what amounts to a pretty expensive up front expenditure.  The strippers are pretty hot, but the images are often too small, and the scenes are way too short.  On the upside there are no recurring fees, and you can download 12 dancers in the DeskMates 2005 edition as a package.  Overall the product is a little too expensive for something you'll probably get bored of in a couple of hours.

Rating: 4.0 out of 10

Demo: Limited actions and no nudity

Cost: $29.95/character (25% discount for two or more characters)

Maker: Oska Educational Systems Pty Ltd. 

Link: Obsolete

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Review - DeskMates
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