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Review - EGirl

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

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Company Line: 

EGirl is the best, most advanced interactive 3d sex software that puts you in a one-on-one session with 3d virtual girls, Alys and Maia. They talk to you, asking you questions to help them decide what to do next. They're fun to talk to, and sexy to watch. The girls will do quite a lot for your viewing pleasure :) 


EGirl is a scene driven 3D sex game.  Essentially you choose from a variety of scenes (sessions) in the main menu and then the chosen scene plays out linearly with a little bit of user input.

Currently (in version 1.5.1) there are two girls to choose from, and multiple sessions for each.  Alys, a British "Lara Croft" type model, and the first character, is provided with 8 different sessions.  Maia, an American waif prototype model, is provided with 4 different sessions.  In both cases, the first session serves double duty as a program demo and tutorial.

The game doesn't offer you the ability to customize the girls, but each is outfitted differently for each scene.  This can be a negative, if for example, you prefer blondes; both girls are currently brunettes.  On the other hand, because the girls are chosen and not created, they have more realistic personalities.  Both girls currently offered are appropriately voiced with sexy accents.

eGirl Forest Nymph

The main menu is a snap to use, simply highlight a session and a description of the location, outfit, and action is provided along with a screen shot.  Many of Alys' sessions take place with a simple white backdrop, which I suppose is a result of early stage development.  Newer scenes for the girls include inside a mountain cavern, in a red room, at the train tracks, along with an interesting dream sequence.  The scenery is a little sparse, but suits the overall look and feel of the game.  Point and click on the session you want and you are transported there immediately.

Each scene starts with your chosen girl fully clothed and displayed using "cam1" by default, which gives you a full shot of the model as it slowly rotates around in 360°.  To change cameras and access other controls simply click on the green tab on the upper left hand side of the screen and click on the camera you want.  Each of the three automatic cameras has a unique viewpoint and moves gently around with smooth random action, simulating a real camera man.  If you prefer you can click on "freeCam" which allows you to move around the model in 3D as well as zoom in and out allowing for extreme close-ups.  To move the camera in this mode hold down the left button to rotate left/right and up/down, and hold the right button to zoom in/out.  If you get a little out of control, of the camera that is, you can quickly set the view to her face, torso, or crotch from the control menu.  The only other control offered in this version, besides one to exit the session, is "options" which provides a myriad of audio and video adjustments such as resolution, shading, geometry, filtering, and blur. 

The graphics are extremely good and the animation of the girls is well crafted and realistic.  The artistic style used makes the girls appear very soft and fuzzy, which is quite pleasing, and akin to the filming style of the old Star Trek episodes; did I just date myself?

eGirl Goth Nude

The session is completely question/answer driven.  She will ask you a few questions which generally go something like, "it's hot, should I take off my top?"  As mentioned above, the girls do really talk to you, and sound great, and there is also a dialogue box provided at the bottom of the screen.  Simply click on one of the available responses such as "yes, please take off your top," and she will comply.  Unfortunately there is no animation of the girl stripping off her clothes, rather her outfit will just vanish one item at a time.  Even if you say "no, don't take it off yet," the girl will persist until you agree; so the sex game lacks true interactivity in this regard.

Once fully nude the girl will offer to masturbate or use a toy on herself.  Penetration wasn't very realistic, and I noticed a lot of collision issues, particularly when I turned up my graphics resolution to maximum, but perhaps adjusting the dozen or so video settings would help.  From this point on the girl will ask you if you want her to go faster and slower, and eventually, if it's ok to cum.  The girls make great ooh and ahh sounds during the action, and there are some basic sounds effects such as dripping water at the train tracks, but there is no background music.  The web-site claims that there is a feature to bypass dialogue completely, and to also manually control the toys, but neither function seemed to be offered in this version of software.  The game supposedly can be set up to work as a screen saver, but I couldn't figure out how to get that working either.

eGirl Bondage

The good news is that this game is constantly under development, and some of the glitches such as errors in crash detection will likely be fixed once version 1.5 is out of beta.  Future upgrades will introduce more characters, including men, which will be able to interact with each other.  Other enhancements will be a completely new graphics engine based upon motion capture technology, and the company plans to launch a new girl every month.  The next major version, 1.7, is a little late since it was expected by Q2-2007, but should be released soon.  Existing users will be upgraded for free.  The program has a onetime cost of $20.


  • Unique question/answer type game play
  • Interesting personalized characters and voices
  • Frequent upgrades
  • Simple interface
  • Low onetime cost of $20


  • Lacks truly interactive sex
  • No multiple character action
  • Some glitches in the beta

eGirl Dildo

The Skinny:

EGirl has the potential to be a fantasic 3D sex game, with a  budget cost of only $20.  The personalized girls are fantastic, and they really talk with cool accents.  Currently many of the features offered in competing applications, such as one on one character interaction and truly interactive virtual sex, are only in the EGirl development pipeline.   If EGirl can deliver those features they could be one of the top 3D sex games in this genre.

Demo: Tutorial mode, no sex

Cost: US$20

Maker: EGIrl Interactive LLC 

Link: EGirl

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Review - EGirl
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