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Review - inTERActive

Product Category: Interactive Adult DVDs

Platform: DVD Player

inTERActive - Double Facial

Company Line:

Your wildest dream has come true! Tera Patrick is your next door neighbor and she wants you to come over and play. Lick her, strip her, fuck her, have her wash your car. Make all your Tera fantasies a reality!  Tera always says yes when you control the action! 


This Interactive Adult DVD is completely different than the "My Plaything" and "Interactive Sex with..." series.  In those videos you simply select the sexual activity you want and jump right into the action.  InTERActive, on the other hand, has a plot which you must follow from beginning to end throughout the movie.  You will have choices to make during the course of the porn film, and your decisions will impact whether you win or lose the "game."  If you manage to win you'll unlock some great bonus content.

The video and sound quality of this adult DVD is extremely high.  The video comes as a 2 DVD set, the first one is dual layer, and the second is a single layer DVD with bonus content.  The menu system is extremely easy to use and production quality is superb.

inTERActive - Lesbian

As explained off the top, this video actually has a story line which you must follow.  In a nutshell Tera Patrick play's the horny housewife of an older and wealthy mobster.  He heads off to work and you're left to play with the sizzling actress and her gal pals, Hillary Scott & Jessica Jaymes, that come for a visit.

Many scenes can be skipped by clicking on the "skip ahead" button.  At decision points you will need to choose the next action in the scene.  Be careful because selection incorrectly can mean a quick end to the game.

In the first sex scene Tera is washing her car while you (the neighbor) watch from the bedroom window.  Tera has a little trouble with the hose so you'll need to go down and help her out.  Tera accidently sprays her tits with the hose and needs to go upstairs to change into a bikini; you get to choose which one.  While Tera gets changed you can view from multiple angles as in most of the sex scenes.  Now here's an example of making the right decision in the game.  Tera will ask you if you want to go out to the pool with her.  Say "yes" and you'll completely miss an opportunity to have sex with her.  Say "no" and she'll try to "convince" you to join her.

In this scene Tera will play with a variety of toys in different positions, you can finger her, and even lick her pussy.  When you've had enough just click the "make her cum" button and move on.

During the pool scene you'll have the option to rub sun tan lotion all over Tera.  When you run out of lotion Tera decides she wants to use your hot jism as a substitute.  Tera will give you the most amazing hand job before you shoot all over her neck and beautiful boobs.  Like all ejaculation scenes in this adult DVD, the shots are 100% real.  Afterwards Jessica Jaymes stops by to say hello.

Invite her to stay and she'll get it on with Tera.  In this scene the girls will go down on each other (you can switch who licks who).  Once you've had enough lesbo action just click "make her cum" to go to the next scene.  Both girls do an admirable job of "cumming" on demand.  Wait, it gets better, much better!  After they finish each other off you can have either or both girls give you a nasty blow job.  The cum shot at the end of this scene is absolutely amazing!

Tera gets a special delivery, a gift from Jessica.  The gift turns out to be a Sybian machine which Tera promptly takes for a test drive.  In this scene you control the vibration speed from low, medium, and high.  Tera will ride as long as you want; when you're ready just "make her cum."  This hot lady is extremely convincing.

Next up Hillary Scott (Britney) comes by.  "Britney" is a school girl that comes by to borrow some stuff for dessert.  Britney spills milk and needs to strip off her clothes.  In this scene you get to have a little food fun with Britney.  You get to choose between whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and strawberries.  Soon Hillary Scott will be sucking your cock.  Shortly thereafter you'll be fucking Britney in the ass (she's saving her virginity for prom night).  Here you'll have a choice between doggy and missionary.  In this fantastic scene you can get a bonus blow job, make her cum, and finally blow your own load all over her face.

inTERActive - Anal

In the final scene I'll let you decide what to do.  If you go for it Tera will smoke your pole before letting you fuck her in three different positions (doggy, cowgirl, and missionary).  The scene ends with another high quality cum shot.

There is a ton of bonus content available on the second DVD such as a tons of behind the scenes action, a non-interactive version, and old school silent movie style version, a Tera solo scene, Tera photo album, full length Hustler video scenes with Hillary Scott and Jessica Jaymes.

To activate the secret bonus content you'll need to do everything right in the game (actually just make the correct decision at the end).  Ok, if you want the secret code for inTERActive just go to the bonus menu and press (up + right + up) on your DVD controller or PC cursor keys.  Once unlocked you will be able to navigate freely to every scene and see some outtakes and an extended car wash scene.

inTERActive - Missionary Cum Shot


  • Great story line concept
  • Outstanding acting, production values, and A/V quality
  • Real cum shots in every scene
  • Loaded with bonus content
  • Excellent variety of sex acts


  • Have to follow story line until you unlock the menu 

The Skinny:

A unique interactive adult DVD with a story line.  Tera Patrick and friends put on an amazing show in this extremely well designed and produced video.  The DVD "game" is fun to play and the sex is smoking hot.  All cum shots are 100% real and there are a variety of sex acts to choose from (girl on girl, hand job, blow job, double blow job, cunnilingus, toys, Sybian machine, multiple positions, anal, and more).  The only tiny draw back is that you'll have to follow the story through in series until you unlock the menu system.  Of course if you've read this review you already have access to that; probably solved.  One of the best interactive adult DVDs yet.

Cost: US$31.09

Maker: Hustler

Link: inTERActive

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Review - inTERActive
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