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Review - Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze

Product Category: Interactive Adult DVDs

Platform: DVD Player

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I'm Ready For You...  Put me in any position you desire...  100% Real Cumshots!  You want me? Take me!  Do me!  I want to be fucked by you! Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, fuck my face! You choose! I'm all yours. Dress me up in your favorite outfit. Fuck me hard and fast or do me nice and slow. If you're feeling extra horny, you can invite one of my girlfriends along for the ride.javascript:mceToggle('edit-body',%20'wysiwyg4body'); Watch me and Alektra Blue fuck each other, or have us both suck your gorgeous cock. Cum on my face, cum on my ass, cum anywhere! You have so many choices, what are you waiting for? What will you have me do first?

 Interactive Sex with Jenna Haze - Cowgirl


Jenna Haze is simply outstanding in one the best Interactive Adult DVDs ever produced!  Interactive Sex with Jenna Haze from Zero Tolerance is a High Definition Multi-Angle 2 disc set that's sure you please anybody that loves the Interactive genre.  The set offers multiple scenes for virtually every activity including stripping, masturbation, oral, intercourse, anal, and even girl on girl action.  What's most incredible about this video is that all the cum shots are completely real!

The menu system is very well organized and extremely easy to use.  To start Jenna will strip for you in three different outfits (coed, lingerie, and bondage) from the "dress up" menu.  Each scene is about 4 minutes long and extremely hot.Interactive Sex with Jenna Haze - Anal

There are three seperate scenes to choose from in the masturbation menu including fingering, a nice crystal toy, and a big thick dildo for anal.

The oral menu, likewise, offers a lot of variety.  First of all you can ask for "slow and easy" or "fast and furious."  In addition you can have your preference of coating Jenna's cute little face (facial) or have her swallow your load on demand.  Finally, if one's not enough Jenna's friend Alektra Blue with join her for some double blow job action.  In this mode you can ask them to "talk dirty to you" or "shut the fuck up."  When you cum in this mode Alektra takes it in the mouth and then snowballs with Jenna which is extremely hot!

To get to the main event you can select missionary, doggie, or cowgirl from the main menu.  Don't let these few choices fool you, from each selection there are tons of additional choices.  Jenna with fuck and do anal in multiple positions, and wearing multiple outfits.  What's more you can once again choose between "slow and easy" or "fast and furious" modes.  As if that's not enough, you can bang Jenna in each of three outfits, and also have her take each outfit off for yet more scenes.

If you're still not satisified there are, of course, multiple camera angles available for every scene!  When you've had enough and you're ready to pop just click "fill her up" to blow inside her pussy or ass; or select "cum" to pull out and shoot all over her.

Would you like to see Elektra and Jenna play together?  No problem the video features hot scenes of the two kissing, going down on each other, and banging each other doggie style with a big strap-on.

Ok, so in about six months when you get through all the regular content feel free to check out the bonuses which offer a great interview and video trailers.  In the interview Jenna talks about her first Interactive video and how she made this one to offer much more content including facials and anal sex. Interactive Sex with Jenna Haze - Anal


Tons of content, anal sex, real cum shots, top performer, high production values.


None worth mentioning. Interactive Sex with Jenna Haze - Facial

The Skinny:

By far the best Interacitve DVD produced to date.  The video offers just about every feature possible including an incredible amount of content, fantastic selection of outfits, real cum shots, girl on girl action, and more!  The video is shot in Hi-Def, Multi-Angle, and is of top notch quality.  Jenna Haze turns in an incredible performance! 

Cost: US$29.39

Maker: Zero Tolerance

Link: Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze

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Review - Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze
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A college boy's dream come true

Jenna Haze has never failed to give me a boner.  Getting her Interactive Sex DVD has definitely been one of the best investments I've ever made.  Now, when I'm alone at home, there's nothing better than getting naked, popping in the DVD, and enjoying some of the best jerking sessions of my life.  The sex scenes are absolutely incredible.  Not only do we see Jenna's skills as a fucking machine, but we also see how he genuinely enjoys having sex.  Her dirty talk really helps you get into the action and enjoy yourself.  From lying back and seductively spreading her legs to riding your dick like a pro, Jenna never fails to please.  I highly recommend getting this DVD and letting Jenna Haze fulfill your every lustful fantasy.  Your cock will be forever in your debt.  

review | by Dr. Radut