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Review - IWantU

Product Category: Adult Dating

Type: Subscription  

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Company Line:

We know our service if for real.  We'd like the chance to prove it to you with a special guarentee: if after three months of VIP membership you aren't completely satisfied with our service we will give you an additional 3 months free!!!


IWantU is an adult dating (adult personals) site with over 7 Million members.  Having said that it's important to point out that the site also has sections for alternative life styles and dating.  Therefore it's hard to say just how many members are straight and looking for a no strings attached sex partner.  You may create profiles in all three sections, assuming you're not picky about how you meet, to increase your odds of meeting somebody.  The site is feature rich, well organized, and easy to navigate.

The service offers a free membership, but it's pretty well useless except as a marketing tool for IWantU.  A free membership allows you to post your profile but you can't search for or contact other members.  Free members can use the many pay services on the site, of course.  

If you do choose to pay for a full membership the site does have a full line up of features: detailed search, events, chat, magazine, auto matching service, polls, and much more.  Full memberships are offered at two levels, VIP, and VIP Select.  The "Select" membership gives you top ad placement in search results, but other than that no additional functionality.

Special Features:

The site offers wireless access which is a great feature if you need to be discrete.  I didn't try the feature but presumably you just provide your carrier and cell number and then get a software plugin for your WAP browser.


Your profile on IWantU contains basic demographics, a description of who you are, what you're looking for, a photo gallery, and video.  Oddly the site doesn't have the facility to record a video directly from your web cam so you'll need to use some other software first, then upload it as a file.

Check boxes are provided for sexual orientation as well as interests, which makes it somewhat easier to search for matches. 


The search feature is very straight forward and simple to use.  Check off what you want and the geographical area in which to search and voila.  In addition there is a matching service called Aphrodite which will send you new matches to your in box or regular email account.  Aphrodite is configurable but there is no option to choose how close matches must live to you.  The result is you are matched with people from all over the globe rather than locals. 

The Experience:

This site has done a fairly good job at keeping spammers at bay.  This is primarily because there is virtually no way to contact other users unless you have a full membership.

Therefore most members you contact are real people looking for a good time.  While there are apparently 7 million members I'm sure many of those  only have profiles in the other sections (dating or alternative).  The vast majority of remaining members only have free memberships.  This results in few local search results, even if you live in a large North American city.

I was able to make contact with a few interested ladies; communications are still ongoing.

The site has a lot of extra services which are branded under the IWantU moniker.  If you feel like opening your wallet you can check out the video on demand, live video feeds, adult toy store, or escort services.  I guess it's difficult to make a buck in very competitive sex personals business; so companies are looking for other ways to monatize their sites such as through virtual sex.

The ads for these services are very obviously ads, and they are unobtrusive, so it's not too bothersome. 


Legitmate member ads, nice wireless access feature, easy to use and relatively spam free. 


Small pool of local members actually looking for a sex partner.  Virtually useless free membership.  Poorly implemented matching system.

The Skinny:

IWantU is a reasonable alternative adult dating site if you're tired of writing to hot women that don't exist; you know which sites I'm referring to.  You won't find a long list of local matches, but those that you do find will be real people.  The free membership is utterly useless, as is the matchinig service.  On the bright side, the custom search function is good, and the site is easy to use with a large range of features.  Most noteably, the site offers wireless access which is great for people that can't access the site using their PC; you know who you are! 

Demo: No (see comment above)

Cost: US$24.95/month, $49.95/3 months

Link: IWantU

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