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Review - Juliet Sex Session

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows / Apple Macintosh

Juliet Sex Session Facial

Company Line:

Meet Juliet, a hot blonde babe who loves hardcore sex action. You saw her masturbating in the bathroom. Fuck her in the most perverted poses including anal sex, vaginal sex, and a blowjob. And don't forget to cum on her pussy or belly, or cum on her face. This is a next-generation 3D virtual sex simulation game with incredibly realistic graphics and outstanding abilities. Do you want to enlarge Juliet's breast in real-time? It's never been so easy before! You can do it with one click in the Juliet Sex Session. 


Juliet Sex Session is the latest 3D sex game from Sex Game Devil. The concept for the game is simple, you are a voyeur watching Juliet in the public restroom. There are no elaborate story lines, dialogue or the like.  In Juliet Sex Session you just jump right in and have sex.

As mentioned off the top the sex game takes place in one location, the public rest room. You can choose from nine different sex positions illustrated across the bottom of the screen. Selecting a position instantly displays the position in real-time.  There are a good variety of choices that include oral, vaginal intercourse and anal sex.

Juliet Sex Session Doggy

During the action you have full control of the camera to pan, rotate and zoom for the desired angle. You do not, however, directly control the thrusting nor the speed of the thrusting... the sex game is essentially on auto pilot.

There is, interestingly enough, a slider control to adjust the size of the models tits all the way from flat as a pancake to epic beach balls.

A progress bar across the top of the screen indicates how close your character is to orgasm. Changing positions starts the meter moving quickly which eventually slows and finally stops until you choose another position.

Once you fill the meter to 100% you can blow your load at will... each click of the mouse releases one or two shots and slowly empties the progress bar.  The resulting facial (or cum on pussy) is comparable to something you'd see out of Peter North, i.e. very impressive.

The sex game includes controls to set video resolution and turn off some animated features to improve performance along with a sound volume slider.

The graphics and animation are of good quality though not on par with the higher end 3D sex games.  Sound quality is also good, though there is no talking and no music so you'd better like grunting, moaning, the odd "yes," and so on.

The game is inexpensive at $14.99 and priced right for what you get. A really great deal, however is the Sex Game Devil 6-pack of games for just $29.99, a savings of 70%.


  • Good quality graphics, animation and sound for the price
  • Nice variety of sex positions
  • Impressive cum shot


  • No fine control over sex
  • Only one scene and model

Juliet Sex Session Blow Job

The Skinny:

Juliet Sex Session is a simple game that offers some 3D sexual action which you can view at all angles.  There isn't really much offered in the way of "game play" but that's not necessary to make it entertaining. The 3D sex game isn't rich in features but the graphics, sound and animation are quite good and many sexual positions are offered. The cum shots are well done and being able to adjust the model's boob size is fun, if only for a moment.

Juliet Sex Session is a good value buy but a much better deal if you buy the Sex Game Devil game-pack.  

Demo: N/A

Cost: US$14.99 or US$29.99 for 6 Game-Pack

Maker: Sex Game Devil 

Link: Juliet Sex Session

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Review - Juliet Sex Session
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