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Review - Lavalife Intimate

Product Category: Adult Dating

Type:  Pay Per Contact   Lavalife - Home Page

Company Line:

Lavalife is a new brand...a new community...a new world...a new vision for single life. Lavalife is solely dedicated to enhancing the lives of singles.

More specifically, Lavalife offers singles anytime, anywhere connections that make single life a positive, fulfilling and self-esteem building experience through relationship opportunities, social interaction and a like minded community of ideas and information.

We recognize that all human beings have the need to interact. Our history is filled with elaborate courting rituals and traditions. While our society may have changed, our need to be social and to connect with each other hasn't. That's why Lavalife was created. We're a global brand and the world's largest independent provider of technology based meeting services designed to create possibilities for singles. We offer telephone-based products in over forty cities throughout North America and Australia.


Lavalife is one of the very few adult dating sites that offers a pay per contact model.  Lavalife actually offers three different sections or categories in which you can place multiple profiles.  The "dating" section is intended for people that want to meet others on a casual basis.  The "relationship" section is designed for those that want to get seriously involved.  Finally, the "intimate" section is reserved for those seeking casual sex.  In reality most people post profiles in two or three sections, which simply increases your odds of meeting somebody.  For the review we will focus soley on the Intimate section of Lavalife; all functionality is mirrored in each section with exception of some profile details.

Lavalife it truly free, in that you can post your profile, and respond to any communications initiated by others without cost.  The only restriction is that you must buy and use credits in order to initiate contact with others.  Once you have contacted somebody once, you will never have to pay again to communicate with them.  Credits cost $0.23, $0.29, or $0.34 each in packs of 50, 100, or 200 respectively.  It costs 6 credits, or about $1.50 for each contact you make.

Lavalife has about 4 Million users internationally.  The site is extremely well designed, easy to use, and well managed.  Lavalife has a feature set that's unrivaled by any competitor.

Special Features:

Lavalife has an instant messenger box that's specific to each section and appears embedded on every page.  This means you can IM with anybody online while also reading your email, hunt for profiles, or check out smiles from people that are interested in you.  IM works fairly well, and cams are supported, although your chat history isn't displayed easily and it isn't maintained beyond a week.  Unforutnately this can cause significant problems when chatting with 3-4 different people at once.  To make matters worse you will have to bounce back and forth between sections if you're chatting using your multiple profiles.  You may IM free with people that initiate contact.  You can pay for a chat session of 20 minutes for 6 credits, or 1 hour for 12.  Once in an IM session you can instant message with as many people as you want until your time runs out.

Lavalife offers a "flirt party" which I guess is more like a traditional chat room environment.  I didn't check out this feature, however.

Lavalife has all the regular features you'd expect and in addition a great section called "entertainment" filled with dating tips, sex advice, and many other resources.  Lavalife even staffs columnists that will respond to your dating and relationship questions.


Lavalife, being a general purpose dating site first, doesn't have as many sex specific profile fields as some of more adult oriented sites.  Still, what is offered is perfectly adequate for the majority of users.  Each section, in this case "Intimate," has a space to fill in a profile essay, some multiple choice options for what you're interested in, and some other basics.  The basics include options whether you are interested in single women or couples.  The multiple choice sections allow you to choose up to three responses for each of the following questions:

  • What really turns me on
  • Encounters I am open to
  • What I am looking for in a partner

For example, you may answer the first question with erotic movies, extended foreplay, and oral sex.  The second question could be something like anything goes, multiple encounters, and using sex toys.  Finally, you might answer the final question with willingness to experiment, says what they want, and not possessive.  This is somewhat simplistic, but I guess it's enough to provoke a conversation with those you find interesting.

All personal details such as age, gender, height, body type, etc., are part of your core profile and show up in each section automtaically.  This will save you some work if you plan to create mutliple profiles. 

Members can post one primary photo on their profile which must be a clear head shot, and must exclude other people in the shot.  You may also have a photo gallery which is visible to everybody, and backstage photos, which you can selectively share with people you communicate with.  Nudity is allowed in backstage photos only, and no hardcore photos showing penetration are allowed, period.

A great profile feature is the ability to selectively hide your profile.  You can then make your profile visible only to those people you contact.  In essence this allows you to avoid having anybody contact you that you aren't interested in. 


Unlike many subscription based adult dating sites all advanced search features are available to everyone.  Searches can be customized based on physical characteristics, creed, location, compatibility, when members were last active, and more.  What's more, custom searches can be saved and reused later.

There was a huge selection of members in my area.  Quality control at Lavalife is outstanding.  In my evaluation I only came across two working girls.  When I launched a complaint Lavalife had those profiles removed within a few hours.  Suffice to say, you can trust that when you're spending your credits you're not wasting your time.  Lavalife will even reimburse your credits if you contact somebody that's not a legitimate member.

Once you come across somebody you like you have a variety of options.  You can simply go ahead and send them and email, assuming you are willing to pay the 6 credits.  You can add them to your hot list, which basically bookmarks the profile, or you can send them a "smile" which let's them know you're interested.  You can include comments from a drop down list along with you smile such as "ask me for my backstage photos" if you want them to pay; cheapskate lol!  But seriously, this is a nice feature that can save you a few bucks.  If the contact is interested and smiles back you know it's worth spending the 6 credits to contact them.

Later you can use the advanced search features to find those people you've smiled at and vice versa. 

The Experience:

I had very good luck chatting with people on Lavalife.  Virtually all the people in the adult dating section (Intimate) are open to communicating using the IM system.  Because virtually all members are legitimate, and not just collecting your email address, results are impressive.  On the downside I found that at least 75% of the people in the Intimate section we not looking for casual sex.  After using the site for a couple of months it appears that Lavalife is the best adult dating site if you're looking for great monogomous sex.  If you just want casual sex with multiple partners you should probably stick with Adult FriendFinder.  Lavalife strikes me as a place for classy people that love their sex.  If this is you it's definately worth checking out.

Lavalife - Intimate Page


  • Credit system instead of paying recurring subscription fees 
  • No extra cost for "advanced" features
  • Great advanced search features
  • Excellent Instanat Messenging system
  • Optional "Backstage" hidden photo system
  • Virtually spam free


  • Most members are not looking for casual sex
  • Photos of penetration or other sex acts not allowed
  • Sexual profile not as comprehensive as some other sites 

The Skinny:

Lavalife (Intimate section) is an excellent adult personals site.  This is the best site for you if you love sex and want a monogomous relationship.  Lavalife has a credit pay for what you use system, and no hidden costs.  Some minor negatives are the lack of hardcore photo postings, limited sexual profiling, and lack of people looking for one nighters.  The service is virtually spam free, and serves up only legitimate profiles of people looking for serious connections.  Lavalife has all the tools you need to make your search for a partner successful.  

Demo: All features are free except for initiating contact with other members

Cost: Free account, about US$1.50/contact, or US$3.00/hour of IM

Link: Lavalife

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