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Review - My Plaything, Jenna Jameson 2

Product Category: Interactive Adult DVDs

Platform: DVD Player

My Plaything, Jenna Jameson - Dildo

Company Line:

My Plaything Jenna Jameson Part II, offers over 3 hours of footage of the biggest name ever in the adult entertainment industry. One of the first Boy/Girl projects Jenna has done in years, and of course Digital Sin has the ability to make it happen. You asked for it. You got it! Real Cocks Real Orgasms! Unmatched interactivity with the world’s number 1 XXX star. If you liked the original you will love the sequel. The latest in programming technology offers unparalleled control if Jenna as she responds to your every command. The most advanced sex simulator in the world just got better. Sometimes dreams do come true... This one just did!

My Plaything, Jenna Jameson - Missionary


When you think of porn, the first thing that comes to mind is Jenna Jameson.  When you think of Interactive Porn, the first thing that comes to mind is Digital Sin's My Plaything series.  Put the two together and you really have something special. 

Like the other Interactive Adult DVDs in the series the product offers a large range of categorized scenes including teasing, masturbation, foreplay, and sex. The DVD is shot in HD (high definition) and supports multi-angle camera selection. As always, you can toggle Jenna's mood between naughty and nice. In tease mode Jenna will show you her tits, ass, or pussy. Within the masturbation menu she can use her fingers, a vibrator, or big glass dildo.  In foreplay you can use your fingers, a dildo, or your tongue on the voluptuous actress.

During the main event (sex), you can select from a wide range of postions: missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and blowjob.  I suppose the last item should probably be in the foreplay menu, but it's a minor issue.  If you're looking for anal sex, you aren't going to get it.  As usual nobody is getting near Jenna's cornhole.

On the upside, the video offers two real cumshots, one in missionary position, and a fantastic facial in the blowjob scene.  The ejaculation is faked in the other scenes.

There is so much extra content that Digital Playground had to add a second bonus DVD.  The jam packed DVD includes: a 15 minute behind the scenes video, a 9 minute interview, a nearly 20 minute long bonus scene with Jenna and Carmen Luvana, outtakes reel, photo montage, photo gallery, and over a dozen trailers for other movies.

My Plaything, Jenna Jameson - Cowgirl


Outstanding production quality, the hottest star in porn, two real pop shots including a great facial, two adult DVDs included, one with main feature and the 2nd loaded with extra content  


No anal sex, many ejaculation scenes simulated.

My Plaything, Jenna Jameson - Facial

The Skinny:

My Plaything, Jenna Jameson 2 is outstanding, with high production values, the top star in the xxx movie industry, and tons of bonus material.  While most cum shots are simulated, the two that aren't, are fantastic.  Jenna, as usual, puts on a top notch performance. 

Cost: US$34.49

Maker: Digital Sin

Link: My Plaything - Jenna Jameson

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Review - My Plaything, Jenna Jameson 2
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