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Review - My Plaything, Krystal Steel

Product Category: Interactive Adult DVDs

Platform: DVD Player  

Company Line:

You are holding in your hands the most advanced interactive sex simulator in the world! Highly advanced technology allows for the most realistic sexual encounter ever. Direct her to strip, masturbate or tease you in a variety of ways. Take her in any one of a multitude of sexual positions that will leave you both spent yet yearning for more. She is ready for you at the push of a button. Realize your most intimate fantasies with My Plaything Krystal Steal but be careful what you wish for you just might get it. Starring: Krystal Steal Special Features Include: Multi-Angle, DVD-ROM Compatible, Multi-Angle Dual Camera Switching, Highly Interactive POV Sex, N&N (Naughty And Nice) Mood Control, Cum On Q - Make Her Cum At A Push Of A Button, RRG (Random Response Generator), Photo Gallery, Preview Trailers, Shot Exclusively For DVD.


Digital Sin launches yet another Interactive Adult DVD title in the "My Plaything" series, this time featuring the uncomparable Krystal Steel.  Krystal Steel is well known for 4 things, her stunning looks, incredible body, her close affiliation with mainstream celebs, and her unwilingness to perform anal sex for the camera.  Notwithstanding the last point, Krystal Steel can really bring it when the camera rolls.

My Plaything, Krystal Steel - Cowgirl

Like all My Plaything videos, the DVD is broken down in sub-menues; in this case strip, masturabte, foreplay, sex, and bonus materials.

The video and sound are very high quality the production values are excellent.  Unlike some other Interactive Adult DVD's this one wasn't shot on your basic black or white background.  Instead, each scene is shot on beautiful sets, and the wardrobe is fantastic.  Every scene is offered with multiple camera angles, which is good because you'll want to check her out from every direction.  Finally, there is the naughty/nice toggle for most scenes which gives this smoking hot bitch an instant attitude adjustment.

The stripping scene has Krystal freshly showered with wet hair showing off her many assets for about 5 minutes.  While she doesn't dance, this scene is still extremely arousing.  There aren't any options in this menu so just sit back and enjoy.

The masturbation menu offers a little more variety, on the other hand, with options for fingering, a vibrator (which she uses on her clit), and nice glass didlo which she inserts for your viewing pleasure.  Krystal puts on a nice show and can "cum on demand" convincingly during any of these actions.

The foreplay scenes up the ante with four options.  You may choose from tongue action (cunnilingus), fingers (yours in this case), a dildo which you man, or a blowjob.  Unfortunately you won't actually get to see a tongue, just the camera bobbing up and down.  The fingers and dildo, on the other hand are full on and visible from both camera angles.   The blowjob, in a word, is HOT!  The dirty slut is given a great cock to work with and provides a nice long hands off and then hands on blow job.  The slurping noises are musical and Krystal makes just the right amount of eye contact with the camera throughout this scene.  Thankfully this cum shot is 100% real; miss Steel takes it in the mouth and on the face like a champ!

Finally onto the intercourse.  As mentioned off the top, there won't be any anal sex on this DVD.  Four different positions are offered for convential sex, which are missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl.  The camera work in each scene is outstanding offering a balance between close ups and wider angle shots.  Krystal Steel rides cock like the dirty whore she is, but the ejactulation scenes dissapoint as is usual in the My Plaything series.  Every cum shot in this edition of My Plaything is simulated graphically except for the blow job scene mentioned above.  This one flaw practically ruins an otherwise stellar video. 

Fortunately this DVD is long on bonus content.  First there is over 7 minutes of behind the scenes footage presenting the photo shoot and preparation for sex scenes.  Second there is a brilliant and candid interview while Krystal bathes.  During the interview she reveals exactly why she won't do anal scenes.  Third there is a bonus scene from Naughty College School Girls #19.  Fourth theres another scene where Krystal sucks cock in a "69" position while getting fingered.  Fifth, there's the standard photo gallery, and finally there's a variety of trailers.  That's SIX bonuses in all, restoring our faith in Digital Sin.


  • Top performance from Krystal Steel
  • Great production quality
  • Nice sets and wardrobe
  • One of the hottest POV blowjobs ever
  • Tons of bonuses


  • Only one real cum shot

My Plaything, Krystal Steel - Reverse Cowgirl

The Skinny:

My Plaything, Krystal Steel, is one of the better Interactive Adult DVD's in the series.  The smoking hot adult actress turns in a great and convincing performance.  The production values are high the there is loads of extra content.  The blowjob scene is out of this world!  The video suffers from fake ejaculation as do most others in the series.  Although this is a major issue the video is so strong in other ways it's forgiveable. 

Cost: US$31.09

Maker: Digital Sin

Link: My Plaything, Krystal Steel

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Review - My Plaything, Krystal Steel
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