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Review - My Sex Games

Product Category: Adult Flash Games Site 

Platform: Web Browser with Flash

My Sex Games - Men With Black Cocks

Company Line: 

The biggest collection of free sex games on the web.


My Sex Games is one the best free adult flash game sites with a straight forward menu navigation control.  My Sex Games has nearly 280 games and adds a new game to their sex games collection every week.

The site does contain quite a few ads, but they are along the left and right columns, not embedded in content like on so many other free adult flash game sites.

There are a great variety of sex games available; there's something for every horny bastard. There are button mashers, card games, puzzels, dress-up games, and fully animated and interactive cartoons.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Men With Black Cocks, an animated adventure where black ex television stars have to travel around banging as many white chicks as possible
  • Harem Dreams, a simple strip poker game where you win moeny and see the animated girls get naked based upon the strenght of your hand
  • Boobs Bubbles, unexplanable puzzle game with excellent 70's gameshow style music
  • Adbuction III, fun for the BDSM crowd

My Sex Games - Boobs Bubbles

Games can be searched via a category menu across the top of the page, or browsed page by page.  Unfortunately none of the games have descriptions so you may have to click a fair bit before you find something you like.


  • Huge list of sex games
  • Easy to tell games apart from ads


  • No game descriptions

The Skinny:

My Sex Games is a great place to go if you're looking for a little adult diversion.  The free adult flash games are pretty simple and pretty much luck of the draw as there are no descriptions.  The site does have a lot of ads, but at the ads are generally well marked and there are no popups.  With nearly 280 games as of the time of this review this is one the best sites I've found for free adult flash games.

Cost: Free

Link: My Sex Games

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Review - My Sex Games
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review | by Dr. Radut