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Review - Nicole Oring: Interactive

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Nicole Oring: Interactive - Titty Fuck

Company Line:

This famous hottie is a 32C-25-31 Korean-born knockout, adopted by American parents and now a student at Irvine Valley College, has 4 pages in Playboy‘s Nude College Girls. This beauty has made it to the top of the List of GLAMOUR GIRLS HOT 100. Now she not only takes it off but shows it off by masturbating, having and giving ORAL SEX and then actually enjoying INTERCOURSE for the very first time on camera. This is an INTERACTIVE title that allows the viewer control of all the action. Must see it to believe it.


If you don't know who Nicole Oring is you've probably never seen Playboy TV; she's one of the hottest hosts of Night Calls 411.  This Korean born honey has decided to give it up hardcore style, on film for the first time ever, in this fully interactive adult DVD. Nicole Oring: Interactive - Foot Job

The "Interactive" DVD is the first of its kind offered by New Machine, a company well known for it's long running "Dirty Debutantes" series.  Over all they've done a wonderful job in producing a high quality virtual sex product, and we can only hope they will leverage this into a new series.

Nicole looks great on camera in a variety of scenes in four main categories; strip tease, foreplay, foot fetish, and sex.  Like competing videos each scene is shot from two different angles.  The video also comes with a number of special features including an interview, photo gallery, and a whack of great behind the scenes action.  While the on screen menu system is helpful in most spots there are some places where you will need to use your remote to navigate.

From the foreplay menu you may select from masturbation, hand job, titty fuck, fingering, and three different blow jobs.  Even the hand job and titty fuck scenes end up with the cock in Nicole's mouth; she really must love sucking dick!  There is only one ejaculation shot in the foreplay section and it's in Nicole's mouth, which she then let's dribble out.  This may well have been faked but it looks great good visually.  Unfortunately there is no cum (pop) button so you'll have to either fast forward or watch the entire seen if you'd like to see her spit it out.  Each scene is about a couple of minutes.

In the foot fetish menu there are options for foot massage, foot job, and clean up; which is self explanatory.  In the foot job scene, thankfully, there is a "pop" button, which jumps to a great scene of the guy jerking off all over Nicole's feet.

 Nicole Oring: Interactive - Doggy

The sex menu offers two different missionary positions (one is not really missionary), doggie, reverse cowgirl, and scissor position.  Each scene is about 5 minutes long, and only the 2nd, and true missionary position, offers a "pop" shot button.  The few and far between cum shot scenes also arrive without pressing the "pop" button which isn't exactly fully interactive.  Still, considering this is Nicole's first video ever, and the first interactive video from New Machine, the quality is very good.


Features softcore actress crossing over to hardcore porn, real pop shots, high quality video and sound.  Good foot fetish material and extras.


Not shot in first person, tricky navigation system. Nicole Oring: Interactive - Mouthful

The Skinny:

This DVD is a must have for any fans of Nicole Oring, or those that love seeing a softcore star bust her hardcore on screen cherry.  The navigation behavior is a little odd at times, and the pop shots arrive whether you click the "pop" button or not.  There are only three cum shot on the DVD but at least they appear to be all genuine.  It would be great if Nicole performed anal but that's a lot to expect for her first outing.  The produt is not quite on par with adult DVDs from the "My Plaything" or "Interactive Sex With" series but it's a good first try.  Overall the video and audio is great quality, and although not shot in the first person (POV) this DVD is excellent at a great low price.   

Cost: US$19.35

Maker: New Machine

Link: Nicole Oring - Interactive

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Review - Nicole Oring: Interactive
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