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Review - Nightstud 2

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

Nightstud 2 - Sex

Company Line:

The original legendary game got even better! In Nightstud 2 you'll enjoy tons of new features! Your objective in the game is to be the top stud, or by other words:  To have sex with as many women as you can!!!


Nightstud 2 is an erotic themed virtual life adult game.  Ok, that was a mouthful; basically the game is an excercise in budgeting.  Your mission is to bed as many women as possible.  To do so you will need to spend your money wisely on those items that will help you achieve your goal.

A typical mission would go something like have sex with at least 5 women under the age of 30, get 1 blow job, acquire 15 reputation points, all within 7 days.  Armed with nothing but some quantity of health, stamina, and cash, you must try to score.

Off to the clubs you go, there are 8 to choose from, some of which have a cover charge.  Once inside just click "find women" and choose which one you want to try to pick up based upon their stats.  Better looking women are harder to pick up, and take more effort to please once you do.  Many women are likely to turn you down before you get lucky.

Once you do get lucky it's back to your apartment.  Here you can ply your babe with cheap or expensive wine, oops, didn't buy any yet, too bad.  You can take her straight to bed then I suppose, but some women will make you wear a condom, which is probably a good idea regardless because you can catch STDs in the game.  Ok, so suffice to say you should take a trip to the mall to pick up condoms, wine, and some sex toys before going to the bar. Nightstud 2 - Pick Up

While you're at it you may want to boost your stamina over at the gym.  If you run out of steam before pleasing your lady you won't get any reputation points.  In addition to the items mentioned you can also buy various medical services, like a penile extension, for one.

Ok, getting back to the bedroom, assuming you have everything you need, you have several sex acts and positions to choose from.  For foreplay there is a blow job or cunnilingus option.  Each time you click on one you will use up some stamina, and in the case of cunnilingus you will increase the lady's pleasure level; they don't get off on fellatio.  You can stay down on the girl as long as you want, but eventually you will need to bang her to get her off.  For sex there are 3 positions for intercourse, and 3 positions for anal sex.  Some girls will refuse anal sex, but I there is no penalty for that, unlike real life.

Once you've finished off your girl you will get paid some amount based upon your performance (using sex toys, having a bigger prick, and priming her with wine all improve performance).  You will also acquire reputation points based upon how hot she is and how good you were.

After that it's back to the mall, the gym, the clinic, and the clubs to cruise for more chicks.  Keep repeating this until you either run out of money and lose, or accomplish all your goals and win the mission.

The game has other features, such as buying lottery tickets and gambling at the casino to try to win some money.  Other than that there's nothing more to it.


The sex game is played with a simple windowed interface which only offers static photos as a backdrop for various locales, and 1 second long sex clips when you're getting it on.  The photos of girls are thumbnail size and the graphics look pretty dated, ok maybe they're just retro?  The sound effects are adequate and the girls have funny lines when they turn you down; too bad they are only displayed with text rather than voiced.

The Dream Island add-on gives you different locales more of those hot (sarcasm) 1 second scenes, and many more women who's pictures you can't really make out.

The game simply isn't much of a turn on.  At the same time the game really can be strategically challenging since there are so many variables to consider.   


Complex and challenging game requiring a lot of strategic thinking; novel concept. 


The game isn't sexually arousing, although perhaps that's not the point. 

 Nightstud 2 - Club

The Skinny:

This adult game would be perfect for teenagers that need to learn about how to buget money.  Unfortunately the butt banging sex, albeit boring, isn't exactly suitable for that audience.  The game is fun if you like strategy games, but if you're looking to get off, look elsewhere. 

Demo: Limited Playability 

Cost: US$24.95, US$14,95 for Dream Islands add-in 

Maker: Unknown

Link: Night Stud

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Review - Nightstud 2
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too much dick!

u couldnt pay me 2 buy a game where everywhere u look u see a dick! if they made a lesbian nightstud game then id definately buy it.

i love this game,

i love this game, challenging and fun! not just the usual 3d babe model game that we all get bored 1 hour later. Looking forward to a sequel of this game!

Nightstud 2 tips

Here's some tips for Nightstud 2:

To get a lover:

You need to have more than 25 reputation points, have given more than 3 orgasms and had all kinds of sex with the current woman. This will increase your chances of getting a proposal for being a lover after you had sex with that woman.

To get a women with rating 5 you'll need:

- 50 reputation_points
- Have high health and stamina
- Have a good number of women fucked in all ways
including oral

- A penis enlargement operation will give you a hand
getting high rated women

- You can find specific kind of girls in some bars
(and here's the tip), in 'Purple Tounge' bar
you'll find more blondes than in other bars,
and the same applies to other kind girls, on some
bars you'll find more brunettes than usual, and in
some bars you'll find a mix of everything,
it's just a matter of scouting around and find
patterns in the different locations.

- Girls will be more "receptive" for blowjobs and
anal sex after you offer them a drink

- Girls will also be more "receptive" for anal sex if
you've lubricants

- It's essential to be in top fitness, visit the gym
everyday !

- If your health and stamina are at maximum values
you'll have more chances of picking up the women!

review | by Dr. Radut