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Review - Nightstud 3

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows, Apple Macintosh

Nightstud 3

Company Line:

Nightstud 3 is a totally revamped game with many new features! The goal, to have sex with as many women as you can.


Nightstud 3 is a major upgrade to the erotic virtual life sex game. Like previous editions of Nightstud this version is mostly about budgeting your money to buy the right things at the right time, though with more complex strategy than in older versions.

The latest version of Nightstud 3 offers new places to see, more missions to choose from and a plethora of new in game content that both serves to make the adult gaming experience richer and more complex.

For example you can now move your character between three different cities, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Each city has more places to see including more bars and clubs plus you can now hit various escort services to improve your sex skills. In addition there is simply a lot more stuff you can buy to upgrade your characters skills.

Unfortunately this is where the upgrades end. The game interface itself which is quite old looks very dated and unpolished.  The video cut sex scenes and frankly as bad as ever.  There are certainly more scenes but they are still shown in a tiny window and still run for just a few seconds each.

For these reasons we were very disappointed in this version of Nightstud.  For a more in depth review please check out our Nightstud 2 review.



  • complex and challenging game play
  • much more content than previous edition


  • dated user interface
  • tiny and short video content
  • game is not erotic

The Skinny:

Nightstud 3 is stuck inbetween being an erotic game that could really turn you on and a turn based single player strategy game. Unfortunately it does neither well.  We were hoping that with upgraded complexity the new edition would include long hot sex videos presented in HD quality; it just didn't happen.

Demo: Limited Playability 

Cost: US$21.91 Annual License 

Maker: Unknown

Link: Night Stud

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Review - Nightstud 3
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review | by Dr. Radut