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Review - Play Sex Game

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows & Internet Explorer

Play Sex Game - Facial

Company Line:

PLAY-SEX-GAME.COM Online! Meet cute Alice, she is eighteen and only 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her tiny figure is perfect. Pay attention to her well-groomed diminutive feet, silk hands, prominent nipples on her firm breasts, and little ass. Yes, while you are not at home, she thoroughly looks after her body, takes care of her delicate skin and splendid hair to appear before you in the most seductive form.


Play Sex Game daparts from the norm in the industry in two important ways.  The first distinction is that the application runs directly in a browser window.  The second, and perhaps more important feature is that this 3D sex game focuses almost exclusively on BDSM content.

To run the game you simply download and install a small Virtual Reality plug-in for the browser, and voila, you're controlling the action in Internet Explorer in either windowed or full screen display.

The application offers only one woman, Alice, a petite waif like beauty.  Fortunately you can choose from 22 different hair colors and styles, and you can choose from 5 different skin tones for a little variety.   You can also dress Alice up in tons of different outfits, an astounding 155 different items of clothing to be exact.  Each piece can then be custom colored using a pop up RGB slider tool.

Play Sex Game - Slut

There are 5 different scenes to choose from.  Each scene offers a different scenario such as masturbation, flogging, regular male/female sex, and straight sex featuring Alice with two men at once.

As stated off the top, this program is designed with BDSM in mind.  Most of the scenes are focused on blow jobs, extreme sexual positions, and anal sex.  The threesome scene does offer double penetration, which is a unique sex act in 3D sex games as far as I know.  You won't find any carpet munching in this game.

The camera can be rotated and zoomed in all directions with the mouse but it can be tricky, on occasion, to get exactly the view you want.  The sex is controlled using the keyboard which is a little unusual for a game that requires you have one hand free at all times.  Thankfully there is an "auto sex" mode with 3 speeds so you can just sit back and watch.

The sex is mechanical and leaves the impression that it's a little rough, even when the slowest speed for "auto sex" is selected.  There is a lot of thrusting, huffing and puffing, and moaning.  As you have sex with the girl a simple pleasure meter increases until you max out and ejaculate which is nicely shown on screen.  One nice feature is a scene where you can point and shoot onto the model with a virtual penis.  Other than that there isn't much to tell.

The graphics in the game are of reasonable quality but a little behind recently released products such as SexVilla and Virtual Hottie.  The orifaces are well drawn and excellent attention to detail was spent in rendering penetration.

Play Sex Game - Anal

The sound effects are very basic as suggested above and only basic reactive sounds from Alice are ever heard.  It would be nice if the model would string together a couple of words once in a while.  The panting is relentless in the game, and doesn't stop even when nothing is going on.  It's probably that the doesn't talk on purpose, since the game is designed around the notion of objectification.


  • The game plays in a browser
  • Great BDSM type action
  • Many unique positions and sex acts
  • Great deal if you sign up for one year


  • The graphics and sound are a generation behind
  • There is only one girl to choose from, albeit she can be customized with different hair colors and styles

Play Sex Game - DP

The Skinny:

Play Sex Game offers a lot of unique options for those of you looking for something a little different amoung 3d sex games.  If you are into dom and sub action this is a must have virtual sex game for you.  The graphics and sound are not in line with the upper tier of games, but there are plenty of interesting positions and unique sex acts to check out. 

Demo: Tutorial mode, one character and location, no sex

Cost: US$34.95/year

Maker: Double-B Studio 

Link: No Longer Available

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