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Review - Playboy: The Mansion

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

Playboy: The Mansion - Grotto

Company Line:

Welcome to the Playboy Mansion!  Did you ever wonder what would it be like to step into the shoes of the founder of Playboy?  Take a walk in my humble home, enjoy its riches and discover what makes the genuine Playboy lifestyle.  And, hum... don't forget to watch the clock for visiting each area at a given time of day may unlock the Mansion's hottest secrets... Watch out for hidden rabbits!


Playboy: The Mansion is a combination adult game that draws on elements from other games such as "The Sims" and The "Tycoon" series.  Essentially you play the role of Hugh Hefner in the early years as he builds the Playboy brand and empire.  You start with a modest Mansion, some cash and a few friends & colleagues. 

You can play the adult game in either of two modes.  The first mode "Mission Play" requires a set of clearly defined tasks be accomplished in order for you to publish each Playboy issue.  The second mode "Freeform Play" allows you much more flexibility to make what ever decisions you want.  I hightly recommend the "Mission Play" mode until you get the hang of the game, or you will find the experience utterly frustrating.

In order to publish an issue of the famed magazine you must produce some articles, arrange for and complete photo pictorials, set up celebrity interviews, obtain a guest essay, and get a centerfold.  Before you can do any of that you'll need to build your social network, set up an office, hire a photographer & writer, and covince various people to participate in producing content for the magazine.

Buidling the Mansion happens two ways.  First, you have to buy specific furnishings in order to complete goals.  For example, you need to install a media desk before you can hire a writer.  Second, rooms of the Mansion such as the pool, grotto, and disco, are unlocked automatically once you complete and ship a new magazine issue.

Playboy: The Mansion - BBQ

Establishing a rappore with your guests is critical but relatively easy.  Guests come and go all the time; you need to meet and greet your guests and socialize with them to imporve your personal relationships.  In each relationship you are rated on friendship, business, and romance (the latter with women only).  During "Sim" like conversations you simply choose what type of conversation to have and then watch the respective bar grow in the right or wrong direction.  It's simply a matter of time before you build a strong enough relationship so that you can request something of the person.  There are really only a few character types in the game, celebrities, media people, and bunnies, although some character traits overlap, and there are sub-types within each group like photographers and writers in media.

The adult game is VERY time consuming as you can easily spend countless hours chatting with the various characters to get them to do what you want, e.g. write  a photo essay or pose for a photo shoot.  This process can be expedited somewhat by throwing a party, where you can invite 10 guests to attend.  At the party your staff can converse with the guests thus improving your business and personal relationships automatically.

There are two other elements to the game.  First, there is the photo shoot where you can choose various outfits for the model and then shoot 24 shots of her in various poses.  The cold reality is that the models only get topless, and the graphics are fairly poor by today's standards.  Even worse, the "poses" only consist of the girl standing in the same position, but in different places in the room.

The second element is sex.  You can have sex with the girls, and the girls will have sex with celebrities that visit the Mansion.  To do so simply gradually build up your romantic relationship with the girl during a conversation until you get the "have sex" menu item.  Hugh will strip down to his shorts and the girl with take off everything but her panties and go for a ride.  The scene lasts about 10 seconds and isn't exactly graphic, since both avatars are wearing bottoms.

Controlling the game is overly difficult as you have to mouse click in front of Hugh every two seconds or so to move him where you want.  The screen doesn't rotate around your character so it's often difficult to get around in rooms; I was stuck behind a wall for about 5 minutes at one point!  I expect the console version of the game doesn't have this problem since you'd probably be using the D-Pad for control.  To use an object or talk to a person you highlight and click on them which brings up a menu of further options.  People people are constantly moving around I found that I'd often miss them two or three times before finally selecting them.  Clicking on various objects can be a fun distraction, I must admit, like getting Hef to stoke up the barbecue or mix himself a drink.  These animations are fun to watch but then it's back to what ever the task master gave you to do.

The menu system is overly complex, as is I suppose, the real world of social networking.  People have moods and you do need to keep that in mind during game play.  Putting appropriate fixtures and furniture in the Mansion improves mood in general.  Having bunnies around doesn't hurt either.

Playboy: The Mansion - Photo Shoot

Overall I found the game to be similar to the Liesure Suit Larry line up, although much more linear, perhaps becuase I played in "Mission Mode."  Basically you have to jump through the hoops and follow the exact advice given, or you won't manage to ever ship an issue.

I found the game lacking in several areas.  First, there is no content of naked models, which is something that I expect would be a requirement in a Playboy game.  Perhaps I just didn't play long enough to unlock that content?  Second, the game is too strict and there are far too many, and repetative tasks to complete in order to publish each issue.  Last, the game would be much more realistic if real celebrities endorsed and were used in the game.  One high point is the music which is excellent and quite suitable for the game.


Reasonably good graphics, realistic social networking engine, two game modes, excellent music track. 


The game isn't erotic, the tasks are too repetitive, and the controls are cumbersome.

Playboy: The Mansion - Disco

The Skinny:

This adult game is fun to play for the first while, but it becomes apparent that you will be performing the same tasks over and over again with the only reward being more places to go and see in the Mansion.  On the upside, the game does have a strong and believable social networking engine, good music, and some well animated sequences when performing every day activities.  Controlling Hef is a challenge and can be frustrating at times.  I recommend renting the game for your console before buying, and avoiding the PC version since there are many similar better adult games availalbe. 

Demo: None

Cost: US$29.99

Maker: Playbody Games in cooperation with Ubisoft

Link: Unleash Your Bunny

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Review - Playboy: The Mansion
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