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Review - Pocket Date Boy

Product Category: Gay Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

Pocket Date Boy Blow Job

Company Line:

It's that time of the month again! You and your colleagues from the local college have your monthly night out at a local cafe. And you've decided that this time, you will reach your goal. Your goal of finally seducing Brian!


Pocket Date Boy is a series of gay sex games of seduction.  The game comes from OONYX Games, a new developer on the scene.  Pocket Date Boy currently offers two games in the series which may be purchased alone or together at a discount.  Both games are beautifully designed and animated but offer only basic point and click functionality.  The first game is Personal Trainer Ethan and the second is Bad Teacher Brian.  Both games start out as interactive communication scenarios wherein you have convince a hunk to have sex with you.  Eventually the games turn into point and click style play in later scenes.

The games are fairly large files and the OONYX servers are band limited so count on a good 10-15 minutes of downloading and a fairly long installation process before you get started.

The launch screens are gorgeous and very polished leading one to think they are in for a great gaming experience.  Unfortunately you are next greeted with a rather static image of a good looking guy with whom you'll interact with through a series of questions and responses that pop up in cartoon like talk bubbles.  The game does come with a soundtrack of constantly playing techno music.  The music is pretty good, but gets old after 15 minutes or so of play and there is apparently no way to adjust the volume or shut it off save your own computer's mute button.  The graphics artist did do a wonderful job of drawing the characters but most gay sex games in this price range include fully rendered animation so it's a big disappointing right out of the gate.

Pocket Date Boy 2nd Base

Giving the correct responses to achieve the desired result isn't obvious so it tends to take quite a lot of trial and error to get through the first few rounds "getting to third base".  Once you do get to third base gameplay changes.  In both game your quarry will now be naked with a nice erect cock sitting in front of you.  There is little animation or movement at all, and the character will say (again with the bubbles) 3-4 different things throughout the scene based upon how you're playing.  Game play here is very simple.  Hot spots with show up on the character and you have to point and click the mouse to gain points on the meter.  When you gain 100 points on the meter (10 points per click) you'll start all over again.  If you don't click on the hot spot in time you will lose 10 points.  

After a few rounds of this you will be able to activate a dildo which promptly starts pumping Ethan or Brain's ass automatically.  After a few more rounds the hot spots will no longer be stationary but will start moving around the screen making it a little more challenging to click on them.

The locations of the spot seems pretty random and aren't near any erogenous zones for the most part.  Also, there is really not much challenge here at all... this is essentially busy work until you get to the final two rounds of the game.  To make matters worse, this can go on for a long time without any end in sight.

Thankfully this scene does finally come to an end.  On to the money rounds where there is more of the same pointing and clicking but at least you get to see a nice looking blow job and butt fucking respectively.  To attempt to jazz things up a bit the hot spots now show a graphical count down and you can choose between two camera angles.  We were still not very impressed with game play.

The upshot is that the game looks great, but plays terribly.  While these gay sex games hold some promise we'd like to see more interactive play rather than relatively static scenes.


  • Fantastic graphics
  • Outstanding esthetics and game design
  • Hot looking characters


  • Tedious game play
  • Repetitive music and voice bubbles
  • Pricey for what you get

Pocket Date Boy Butt Fuck

The Skinny:

Pocket Date Boy gay sex games are visually great to look at but offer very little in interactive game play.  While the game design is polished and high quality there needs to be more effort put into making the game fun and challenging, or at least for sexually stimulating.  The pricing for the game is a little steep for what's offered.  We suggest trying out the demo first, and if you really like it consider buying.

Demo: Yes

Cost: US$14.95 each or $24.95 duo pack

Maker: OONYX Games

Link: Pocket Date Boy

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Review - Pocket Date Boy
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review | by Dr. Radut