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Review - PokerGirls 2.5

Product Category: Strip Poker Games

Platform: MS Windows


Company Line:

PokerGirlsTM Video Strip Poker is THE BEST Video Strip Poker Game available on the net. Better yet it is absolutely free. You can download the game and a FREE demonstration PokerGirl video module and begin playing video strip poker with no strings attached or money out of you pocket. Our video is an amazing 256 pixels by 480 pixels large. So, sign-up and begin to enjoy our game - it's free!


PokerGirls 2.5 from High-Rez Photography is a Windows based 5-card draw strip poker game.

In this adult game you don't actually play against the girl.  Instead you simply try to make the best hand possible and then get paid odds against your original bet.  For example a Straight pays 4 to 1, Two Pair 2 to 1, and a Pair pays 1 to 1.  If you have nothing, or what is sometimes referred to as "high card" you lose your original bet.

Your bank roll starts out at $50 and you have to increase your pot to get the girl to go through various stripping scenes are various milestones.  If you go bust you lose the game and must start over.  You can bet $5-50 per hand in $5 increments.  If you hit a big hand such as a Flush, the girl may perform three or four scenes in a row.  To win you must complete all the strip shows.  I played 3 rounds and, for better or for worse,  found winning the game to be extremely easy.  Head to head poker is certainly more fun, and apparently more challenging too.

The game interface is straight forward with the girl in the left pane of the window, and the game area in the right pane of the window.  Unfortunately the game only plays windowed so if you have a hi-res monitor the game screen is extremely small.

The girl that comes with the game is a hot blonde with an athletic voluptuous build.  This girl will only strip down to her bra and panties, as in the the image attached.  There are a variety of over 50 girls which can be downloaded from the site for about $8 each.  All of those girls will get naked, and the site offers some girl packs at a discount.

There really wasn't much of a dance in any of the scenes, but some of the girls are pretty hot.  Game play and graphics are marginal, but sound effects are and music pretty good. 


Simple straight forward easy to play game


The game only plays windowed, the game is a poor sustitute for head to head poker, and the girls are expensive to download. 

The Skinny:

PokerGirls 2.5 doesn't deliver a good game of strip poker, and because the game window is so small even the hottest girl isn't much of a turn on.  The cost per downloadable girl is outrageous considering the very small amount of content you get. 

Demo: limited to one model, no nudity

Cost: US$7.95-19.95/girl pack

Maker: High-Rez Photography

Link: PokerGirls 2.5

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Review - PokerGirls 2.5
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Its very tastefully done...

Its very tastefully done... It leaves you wanting to see more of the models at least some of them... some of the models not so much but to each their own... It's fairly good

review | by Dr. Radut