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Review - RealTouch

Product Category: Interactive Sex Toys

Platform: MS Windows

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Company Line:

RealTouch is more than just a high-tech web-connected sex toy; it's a virtual experience combining haptic (touch) technology with encoded adult videos.  This combination reproduces sex acts as you view them onscreen.  RealTouch lets you feel everything you see.


AEBN, leaders in streaming adult video, present the RealTouch virtual sex toy.  The RealTouch device connects to your computer and literally strokes your penis in syncronicty with streaming porn in real-time.

The RealTouch toy (or maybe we should call it a device) is a marvel of engineering.  What's apparent when you open the packaging is that this is a seriously powerful piece of equipment.  In the package you get a plug-in power supply, computer interface box, instructions, lube, and the stroker itself.

Installation does take a bit of time and involves many steps.  You need to slide the unit open and fill the resovour with lube, connect the power and computer cables, register online, download and install the software, and let the stroker run through its 2 minute start up routine.  I did have some trouble getting the unit to work initially; turns out that I couldn't launch videos properly with Firefox.  Once I swithced to Internet Explorer everything worked perfectly.  I'm sure this is a glitch that will be worked out shortly.  Thankfully once initially setup is complete regular use doesn't require as much fiddling around.

Real Touch Stars

When you're ready to begin a session you must login to your RealTouch account; the device won't work unless you are connected with the RealTouch site.  Once logged in the good folks at AEBN have made finding what you're looking for a snap. 

Video scenes are sortable by category (threeway, asian, celebs, teen, etc.), sex act (anal, blowjob, tittie fucking, handjob, etc.), or by star; there are hundreds of top stars, and scenes, to choose from.  Some big names I immediately recognized include Sasha Grey, Tori Black, Jenna Haze, Joslyn James, Taylor Rain, Tera Patrick, Jenna Jameson, and many many more!  What's more is you can add stars to your own customized favorites list.  A great many of the scenes are taken from interactive or POV DVD's, which lend themselves very well to the whole virtual sex concept.

Ordering content, similarly, is as easy as pie (pun intended).  Search though a variety of scenes to find what you want and order instantly one of three ways. 

  • Start a scene immediately and pay for just the minutes
  • Rent the entire scene for 7 days for a flat fee
  • Rent the entire scene for life for a flat fee

To get you started every RealTouch comes included with 100 viewing minutes.

Once you are set lubricate your penis and insert it into the RealTouch stroker... make sure the 2 minute warm up is complete first... you can do this while you're selecting your scene.

The RealTouch is quite large, think oversized FleshLight, but is also lightwieght and not unweildly during use.  In a few seconds your media player will launch and the video will start streaming automatically.  Don't panic if the RealTouch doesn't start up immediately; with my unit at least it took about 15-20 seconds for the sync up to happen.

When the stroker does start you will get instant and immediate gratification.  Each video is specially encoded and gives precise instructions to the RealTouch.  The timing and sensations produced by the device are mated extremely well to what's going on onscreen... and the video quality is amazing.    The secret is in the dual belt system that operates in both directions to simulate the in and out motions of penetration.  The belts are made from a high quality material simular to cyberskin.

To add to the realism the device dispenses extra shots of lube at precisely the right moment, like when the actress spits on your cock, or you enter her butt for the first time.

While it appears that you should hang onto the unit to keep it from falling over I found that the RealTouch stayed put on my penis leaving my hands free for other things; like working the mouse.  The RealTouch isn't exactly whisper quiet, but it won't wake up the neigbors either.

Once up and running you can fast-forward and rewind in-scene but keep in mind that the stroker will shut-down for about 10-15 seconds each time in order to sync back up.

As I stated earlier, the sensations are amazing.  The scenes I used in my evaluation averaged about 8 or so minutes long, which is generally long enough for most guys to get off.  What did tend of be a challenge is that you have no way to control the action when you're almost ready for your pop shot.  This can be problematic if the girl onscreen suddenly decides she needs a 10 second break from sucking your dick.  This doesn't happen too often, but will happen, and can be somewhat annoying. 

AEBN seems to be right on top of user feedback, so I'm sure they will soon introduce some kind of "pop-shot" button that either (a) keeps the stroker going disregarding what happens onscreen, or (b) let's you fast-forward to the scene's cum-shot without temporarily shutting down the machine.

Recognizing there are people that may wish to use the RealTouch without video integration, RealTouch now has a "free use" mode.  Everything loads up normally, but the video feed is blank.  One oddity with the "free mode" is that you get about 2 minutes of stroker activity, then 2 minutes of nothing, another 2 minutes of activity, and then nothing for the duration.  I really don't understand what the rationale is... unless they are trying to simulate a cock-tease.

Once you're done, and trust me, you will be done, it's time for cleanup.  You need to keep the stroker horizontal lest you will be covered in good amount of lube.  To clean the stroker you just slide it apart and rinse it with soap and water.  The stroker can be left on a towel to air dry.  This is fine if you live alone or have an undestanding partner... but if you don't it can be a bit of an issue.

All in all these are only minor complaints against a really incredibly innovative and amazing virtual sex toy.

The price of entry for the RealTouch isn't cheap, and you will need to pay for videos one way or another.  Having said that, if you consider what you probably already spend on regular porn and sex toys, this is really a bargain.

RealTouch Interactive Control Of Sasha Grey


  • Most realistic virtual sex experience, ever
  • Tons of top videos and stars to choose from
  • Variety of ways to purchase content
  • Free use mode available
  • Can be used hands free
  • Great value for the money


  • No "pop-shot" control button
  • Significant setup and cleanup process
  • You might not ever leave the house again

The Skinny:

The RealTouch is the Real Deal!  The virtual sex toy delivers on it's promise to provide a truly interactive sexual experience.  The device does require a fair bit of setup and cleanup, and there are some minor nuisance issues, but none detract from the overall experience.

The cost of entry may seem a little steep at first glance, but when you look at alternative sexual oulets is worth every single penny.  We fully endorse the RealTouch as the best sex toy for men, period.

Cost: US$199.95/hardware, $0.49/minute or $9.95/weekly rental

Maker: AEBN

Link: RealTouch

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Review - RealTouch
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