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Review - RealTouch Interactive

Product Category: Interactive Sex Toys

Platform: MS Windows

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Company Line:

Now your internet relationships can be even more intimate than ever.  Feel every lick, stroke, and sensual detail from the models you admire.


AEBN has done it again with RealTouch Interactive.  A few years ago AEBN brought us the RealTouch, the groundbreaking interactive sex toy with haptic technology that simulates real sex synced to hardcore adult videos. What has always been great about the RealTouch is that it is not only the most fantastic feeling fully automatic stroker on the market but that it also deliveries a fully immersive experience.

With new RealTouch Interactive AEBN now offers an even more realistic experience with one to one web enabled real time sex.

It begins with the introduction of the RealTouch JoyStick.  When a model touches, strokes, licks, sucks or fucks the JoyStick input device those actions are instantly transferred to your RealTouch for the most stimulating experience ever.  Add to that a high quality live cam chat and voila, magic happens!  

If you were blown away (pun intended) by the RealTouch you've gotta try this! These two devices work in perfect unison without any discernable lag... it's honestly the closest thing to the real thing we've seen yet. The web cam service itself is still in beta but gaining popularity. There are currently just shy of 70 models available but the list is growing quickly.  Expect to mostly find women but there are a few guys and even two gals working together if that's what really gets you off.

Other than the obvious breakthrough technology the cam service itself is fairly basic.  There are no free shows and all sessions are private and by appointment only... don't worry you can usually book an instant appointment.

The site supports full screen video though it is has not been HD quality in the trials we did.  There is a simple chat window, erection level button indicators and a few buttons to tell the model if you like what she's doing... that's it.  This is good in our opinion as the setup of the RealTouch alone is complicated enough.

RealTouch Interactive Models

Like most cam services the better looking and more popular girls charge more and each provides a range of services at different rates based upon sex act desired and amount of time in session. Fees start at about $20 for a 10-minute handjob or footjob.  From there prices increase for tit fucking, blowjobs, intercourse and anal sex.  Top performers charge a few hundred bucks for 30-60 minutes of carte blanche sex though not all offer anal so be sure to read the fine print before booking.

One really great thing about RealTouch Interactive is that you don't have to deal with confusing credit based systems, you pay by credit card for what you want when you want it, period.

Unfortunately due to the small selection of models there are usually only about a dozen ladies online at any given time though each model has a schedule so it's easy enough to hookup with whoever you want if you're particular.  The models are mostly pretty hot and there are some well known girls that have signed up such as Camie Cam whom we had a hot handjob and blowjob session with.

Of course the RealTouch does take a fair amount of time to setup, is a little unwieldy and needs a fair amount of cleanup afterwards. Even so it is totally worth the hassle for this kind of unique experience.

For more details on how the RealTouch works check out our original RealTouch review and remember that the device also comes with a bunch of free adult video content and will work with tons of VOD content provided by AEBN and specially encoded DVDs. It's worth pointing out that the RealTouch is on sale now for just $199, instead of the regular price of $329.  That's a huge savings, click here for the RealTouch deal. Future plans are for the RealTouch to support sex games so stay tuned for that.


  • Closest thing to the real thing we've ever seen or felt
  • Amazingly perfect synchronization between devices
  • Prices similar to regular cam shows on other sites
  • Girls that are eager to please
  • RealTouch can be used with tons of other content too
  • True pay as you go with no tricky credit system


  • RealTouch requires a lot of setup and cleanup
  • Not a lot of performers, yet
  • RealTouch regular MSRP is a little steep

RealTouch Camiecams

The Skinny:

RealTouch Interactive takes the RealTouch to the next level with the closest thing to real one on one sex we've seen and felt yet.  The cam girls are hot, deliver great service and do just about anything you want.

The RealTouch Joystik is perfectly synced with the RealTouch and makes it feel as though you're right there stroke for stroke.

The RealTouch does require a fair amount of setup and cleanup but frankly it is well worth it.  The RealTouch comes with 120 minutes of video, 10 interactive DVDs and everything else you need to get started. The RealTouch is ordinarily $329 but is on sale for $199 right now making this a simply fantastic deal not to be missed.

Cost: US$199.95/hardware, $20 - $200+/cam session

Maker: AEBN

Links: RealTouch | RealTouch Interactive

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Review - RealTouch Interactive
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