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Review - Saboom

Product Category: Live Action Sex Simulation

Platform: Web Browser With Flash or HTML5 Support

Saboom POV Blowjob

Company Line:

Saboom is the first ever truly interactive porn website where you decide about what do you want to see and how should the action proceed. Enjoy a totally new dimension of Porn 2.0.

Pick the girl that you like the most and what would you like to do with her, try out anything you ever wanted to try.


Saboom is an Interactive Porn Site or Live Action Sex Game depending upon which camp you belong to.  Either way, Saboom offers a fresh adult video experience that's much more than simple POV action.

Saboom has been around for over a year now but is just in the process of launching their world wide premier.  We had a sneak peek at the Internext show in Las Vegas and have since had time to check out the full offering.

If you're familiar with interactive adult DVDs such as the "My Plaything" or "Virtual Sex with" series' then you have a pretty good idea what Saboom offers, only way better.


Saboom serves up the the video in flash right in your browser so there's nothing to download, just log in and you're ready to go. Video's are categorized by interest and by star, plus you can mark your favorite videos and share with the community of users. Currently Saboom has over 250 hours of video comprised of more than 6,000 scenes.

The video streaming reliability is excellent and the can be adjusted to three different sizes to suit your available bandwidth; we had no problem running in the largest (XL) mode with HD 1200 x 700 picture quality. Having said that there is no full-screen mode which is a bit disappointing. Like traditional streaming sites Saboom has regular controls for pausing, fast forward, and reverse.  Unlike those sites with Saboom you will receive prompts at the end of each scene wherein you can choose what you want to do next.  For example, after watching a nice strip tease you can have the girl rub oil on her ass, lick her tits, or give you a blowjob.

While not seamless, transition times are reasonably quick between scenes.  Also, Saboom will prompt you for the next scene well before the current scene ends to avoid unwanted delays. Currently there are over 26,000 decision points encoded within Saboom's video collection, or in plain English an awful lot! If you wish to jump to any scene within a movie you need only click on the big orange button to see a quick pick list all all available scenes by interest. Besides this interactivity, you may view most scenes from multiple angles. Saboom calls the different angles Producer (traditional), Actor (POV), and Paparazzi (Voyeur).

As if that's not enough you can splice together whatever ever scenes you want using a drag and drop interface... just click on drop down menu to create and then save your playlist.  When done you may just sit back and watch undisturbed and even share your production with other users.

Saboom Porn Director

Saboom has a selection of almost 50 actresses and 20 actors. Many of the women are extremely hot, although we didn't recognize anybody other than Carla Cox and Tarra White.  In fairness Saboom is based in Austria and likely using mostly local talent so we shouldn't expect to see familiar north American porn stars.  Having said that Saboom may be offering a line-up of American starletts in the near future.

Most of the content is shot as a full length movie and therefore contains most of the typical areas of interest (anal, blowjob, and so on).  Saboom does also cover some more niche content, however, such as MILF, latex, and squirting.  In a nutshell there is something for everyone.

Saboom is also a site that recognizes there are women that enjoy porn.  They offer a softcore long story series of videos for those more into foreplay than the main event.

Saboom has an established social community where other users share their home videos and photos.  There is even a chance to meet other like minded people for real; similar to what Red Light Center has done though on a more modest scale.

Saboom offers a free limited trial and a monthly subscription fee structure which may be discounted through their loyalty program.


  • True Interactive Porn experience
  • Clean easy to use interface
  • Large content library for various interests
  • Excellent production values


  • No true full screen mode
  • Lacking big name models

Saboom Cum Shot

The Skinny:

Saboom offers a truly Interactive Porn or Live Action Sex Game (if you prefer) experience.  The video and sound quality is outstanding and the library of content is huge with coverage for most areas of interest.  While there are no big name stars the models are hot and very good at what they do!  We would like to see an upgrade to support true full screen display, but other than that we have no complaints.  If you like Interactive Adult DVD's you're absolutely going to love this.  Saboom is a must see experience not to be missed.

Demo: No Nudity 

Cost: US$29.90/1-month, $49.80/2-months, $59.70/3-months

Maker: Joyfactor Company 

Link: Saboom

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Review - Saboom
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