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Review - Sex Sim

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

SexSim cowgirl sex

Company Line:

Welcome to the Adult Sex Game Revolution.  With Sex Sim there is No monthly fee, No costly memberships, it's fully uncensored, and it's totally free!  No ads, no annoying popups, no browser toolbars, no crap.


Sex Sim is Ripened Peach's latest 3D Sex Game offering.  Sex Sim is the first fully featured 3D Sex Game that's free to download and play.  With Sex Sim there are no one time costs or recurring monthly fees.  Instead, users can download game add-ons by redeeming credits they either earn through referrals or buy.SexSim lesbo licking

The basic game comes equipped with 9 positions for intercourse, 2 female and 2 male characters, a handful of outfits, and 1 locale. Robyn is a sultry red red, while Layla is somewhat of a Halle Berry knockoff.  Black and white male characters are also offered.  All scenes take place in the Apartment.

The Sex Sim interface is modern, well laid out, and easy to use.  The main menu offers tabbed browsing to select the models, outfits, and location.  The in game controls are neatly laid out mostly along the right side of the screen and are retractable to free up space for a better view.  Controls include a menu of sexual positions, camera angle controls (which can also be controlled directly with the mouse), help menu, speed control, and screen capture button.  All of the controls are intuitive and easy to use.

The graphics and animation in Sex Sim are excellent, and are only limited by the resolution and horsepower of your computer.  Sound effects offered involve grunting timed to the action... while realistic it would be nice if the characters uttered a few words once in while.  There is currently no music offered.  

There are settings for resolution and graphics quality on the launch menu. Finding optimal settings may take some experimentation.  The game may be run windowed or full-screen; windowed mode is especially useful to keep this "application" away from prying eyes.

"Playing" Sex Sex is simply a matter of choosing a position and sitting back to enjoy the action. Over time the characters will become more turned on as indicated by graphics located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Adjusting speed and positions will affect how turned on the models become.  Once achieving orgasm the characters act and grunt accordingly, however don't expect to see cum-shots.  One nice thing we found is that you can leave the bikini on... it'll be pushed aside to allow penetration.  If you do wish to remove articles of clothing, however, you can do that by clicking on the character graphic which pops up a small menu.

SexSim strapon sex

As we mentioned off the top, the game as described above is absolutely free. Add-ons for the game may be acquired with credits which can be earned or purchased.  Current add-ons include girl on girl action pack, sex variety pack, 4th of July bikini pack (free), and Ulani Hawaian character.  Some packs, like the girl on girl pack offer tons of new content and positions, while others such as the sex variety pack offer enhancements to existing game play.  With the sex variety pack installed you have greater control over the sex, such being able to grab or suck on a breast. 

Installing Sex Sim upgrades is a snap, purchase a pack, and once you start the game they download and install automatically... very nice.  During our test the referral credits system was not yet operational.  You can buy 5,000 credits for $6.  The girl on girl pack works out to about $8 while the variety pack comes in just over $5.  This is quite reasonable considering what you pay for a subscription elsewhere.  Future add-ons will include a man on woman oral sex pack and an island locale.

SexSim table sex


  • Excellent free basic edition
  • High quality graphics and animation
  • Great user interface
  • Growing list of great available add-ons


  • Characters don't speak and no music
  • No money shots
  • Lacks hands on game play

The Skinny:

Sex Sim is the first, and so far only, 3D Sex Game that's free to play.  Sex Sim is top notch in every respect and will only get better as more add-ons are made available.  Of course, add-ons will cost you, but the cost is very reasonable compared with alternative games.  Graphics and animation are awesome, controls are smooth and easy to use, and the sex is great.  Currently there is no anal, no money shots, and models do not talk.  You can bet Ripened Peach will be adding these features to Sex Sim soon so stay tuned.

Demo: Free Basic Edition

Cost: Free, approximately $6 each for add-ons

Maker: Ripened Peach Entertainment

Link: Sex Sim

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Review - Sex Sim
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