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Review - Sex Warrior 3D

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

Sex Warrior 3D - Nude Girl

Company Line:

Sex Warrior 3D is a highly-addictive first-person erotic shooter. The game is designed to have everything a man lacks in today's boring world: different weapons, bath of blood and adrenaline, and hot girls that are waiting for their hero. You are a super-soldier of fortune looking for adventures in the most dangerous places. You are constantly attacked by evil monsters, huge bosses and unbelievably horrible creatures, which try to prevent you from completing your mission.


Sex Warrior 3D from Sex Game Devil is an adult oriented first person shooter with a totally weird back story.  The game comes with two modes, Mission mode, and Survival mode.

In Mission mode you must rescue the Persian Prince's harem from evil monsters.  This essentially involves running around shooting giant green beasts with a variety of weapons, and blowing up the cages which imprison the lovely ladies.  Once you free a fair (and usually naked) maiden you will get a brief sex scene, although there isn't really any penetration.

The Mission mode offers three different levels and not much of a challenge.  Shoot a bunch of bad guys, throw a grenade at the chick to free her... rinse and repeat.

Sex Warrior 3D - Chain Gun

In Survival mode the goal is to stay alive as long as you can.  To do so simply shoot everything that moves.  Oddly, this mode offers a plethora of different monsters including flying pterodactyls, wild boars, some other creature I can't figure out, and a giant behemoth.

If you kill enough enemies you will be rewarded with some rather hot and explicit babe photos.  This mode has six different play areas. I did find a rather interesting bug in this mode.  I ran off the edge of a cliff and instead of falling off my avatar started walking down a sheer wall.  Unfortunately I couldn't walk back up and got stuck there.  This will probably be fixed in the near future.

Both game modes offer 3 different weapons, plus grenades.  The shot gun has a short range but packs a lot of stopping power, one shot will take down most beasts.  The chain gun fires rapidly and has a long range, but eats up ammo pretty quickly.  Then there is the buzz saw gun, for lack of a better description.  You essentially shoot a rotating saw blade which cuts down anything in the way.  You only have 8 rounds so the weapon is pretty well useless compared to the shot gun.  Finally you have grenades which can be used to kill baddies, knock over rocks so you can reach babes, and to unlock cages (seems strange I know).

The game is health based, run out of health and you die. Fortunately there are health and ammo packs all over the place so this isn't much of a problem, at least in Mission mode.

Graphics quality is about up to snuff with those from the original Wolfenstein 3D game, while sound effects and music are quite adequate. Game controls are your typical D-pad and mouse combo variety and work very well.

Game play is surprisingly good although the price point is just a little high for a game you can complete in about 20 minutes.


  • Good game play
  • Good quality sound effects
  • Plethora of monsters in Survival mode
  • Two modes of play 


  • No penetrative sex scenes
  • Oldish graphics
  • Misson mode is too short

Sex Warrior 3D - Monster

The Skinny:

Between Sex Warrior 3D and SexStation7 (the only other adult oriented FPS we've reviewed) Sex Warrior 3D wins hands down.  The graphics aren't great, and the game is Mission mode is too short... but somehow good game play makes those problems seem small.  If you love first person shooters and naked babes rolled up in one package then this is your best bet.  The price point is reasonable although similar non-adult games sell for about half as much.

Demo: Yes

Cost: US$19.95

Maker: Sex Game Devil

Link: Sex Warrior 3D

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Review - Sex Warrior 3D
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