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Review - SexSearch

Product Category: Adult Dating

Type:  SubscriptionSexSearch Home Page

Company Line:

Milliions of member profiles, and more than 450,000 new profiles a month!  More people meet for sex using sexsearch than any other dating site! is the fastest growing adult personals site on the net. 


SexSearch is a subscription based adult dating website that boasts having millions of members and tons of new members every month.  The site is straight forward, clean looking, and easy to use.  SexSearch has all the basic features an adult dating site should have, profile, search, chat, automatching system, and an advice column hosted by Jenna Jameson.

The site doesn't have a lot of enhancements such as Adult FriendFinder does, and instead upsells by offering access to adult videos, toys, and web cam girls.

Special Features:

The chat feature on SexSearch is reasonably good, and is similar to the tool many other dating sites use.  When you initiate a chat session a seperate pop-up window will appear for each user.  Chat supports audio and video communications and an audio chime will play though your computer when members respond so you can stay on top of your various conversations.  Unfortuantely the chat sessions aren't logged so you may want to keep a pen handy for writing down important information such as real names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

One of the more interesting features of SexSearch is the ability to create multiple profiles with just one account.  In effect this would allow you create one profile where you claim to be a dominant male, another profile where you claim to be a couple, and a third profile where you claim to be gay.  While this sounds like a good idea to increase your chances for a match, in reality this is where the troubles with SexSearch begin... more on that later.


The profiles on SexSearch provide only the most relavent information,  More enhanced likes and dislikes (called personality profile) can be completed optionally but most members never bother.

The personality profile provides information on which sexual activities you love/hate, favorite positions, what body type you like, questions on sex drive, fantasies, and much more.  There is even a question on whether or not you swallow when giving oral!



The search utility doesn't allow advanced searching by body type, creed, or recently logged in members.  Results are posted by member account levels (gold, silver, and basic or free members).  It's worth noting here that basic members can't initiate contact nor can they respond to emails or chat requests.

There are a variety of search types offered, however, such as most popular members, close matches, and new members.  Unfortunately these searches can't be narrowed by location so this is essentially just eye candy.

The Experience:

SexSearch had so much promise as an alternative adult personals site to Adult FriendFinder but comes up short. 

I spent about a month on SexSearch communicating with women from about 5 up to a 10, or at least trying to communicate with them.  The first problem is that no free members can respond to emails or even show they are interested in your profile.  This immediately cuts the number of active members down by about 95%.  The second problem is that once you do start communicating via the internal email system, SexSearch blocks all attempts and exchanging email addresses and instant messaging accounts.  You can exchange phone numbers, but many people are hesitant to do so until you've communicated for a good long time first.  This is a huge problem that makes connecting with anybody a slow and painful process of exchanging emails over days or weeks. 

On the upside, the site seems to be devoided of spam traps where "girls" collect your email address and then send you offers to view their "free" web cam which requires a credit card.  I didn't experience one such problem during my month on the system.

On the downside, there are a few prostitutes working on the site.  This is pretty typical for adult dating sites, and while some discourage this others turn a blind eye.  For the most part the working girls are easy to spot and inidate they are looking for "generous men" or come right out and say they are a "full service" girl.

Finally, the biggest problem on SexSearch, is that it appears they may use fake profiles to entice you to sign up for and maintain your subscription.  It's impossible to say for sure if this is true but here is what I experienced.

Most, over 95%, of women I wrote to never responded.  I'm a good looking guy and my response rates at other sites are typically in the 25% range.  Five different, and extremely hot women, initiated contact with me via email.  The emails were always very generic in nature and never addressed any specific points I put in my profile.  Communications would go back and forth pretty regularly over about the course of a week and then would suddenly stop.  None of the girls would ever agree to meet or address questions I would put in my emails directly.  I would often get an excuse such as I'm really busy for the next month without any further explanation.  You can take that any way you like, but it would seem something funny is going on.  I researched this on the web and many other men have turned in similar reports.

There are some ligitimate women on SexSearch, but the hassle you go through to find them simply isn't worth it. SexSearch Popular Members


  • Simple to use  
  • Potential to be a great adult dating site
  • No spam traps
  • Excellent Instanat Messenging system


  • Weak search engine
  • No way to exchange email addresses
  • No logging of chat sessions
  • To many fake profiles

The Skinny:

SexSearch could be a great adult personals site if they fixed a few issues.  First they need to allow you to exchange email addresses with other paid members.  I know this opens the door for spam traps, but once you've paid to contact other members you should be able to communicate with them outside of the system.  It also seems like there are a lot of fake profiles on the system.  Other than those two issues the site is very good.  I suggest you try the site for a month.  If you haven't met somebody by then you may want to try something else.  The more adult dating sites you are on, the better, just be careful not to waste your time and money.

Demo: Can't contact or respond to other members 

Cost: US$29.95/month

Link: SexSearch

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