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Review - SexStation7

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS WindowsSexStation7 - Start Screen

Company Line:

Sex Station 7 is the first ever all adult XXX explicit first person shooter. For just $19.95 you can play all the filthy explicit FPS action immediately on your windows based PC.

Your goal is to help the girls of Sex Station 7 escape the clutches of the Alpha Ministries oppresive genetic engineering program. New Chapters of interactive sex games await you every month.


SexStation7 is the one and only explicit adult first person shooter.  The extremely thin plot has you, the hero, on a space station trying to kill off drugged up crewmen before they bang all the women aboard. 

The plot isn't the only thing that's weak about this adult game.  Unfortunately the game has dated graphics, sound, and even poorer game play.

Each story, which needs to be downloaded and installed seperately, has two or three levels.  In all there are 7 stories, one of which is the game tutorial.  Each month there are two of the remaining six stories available to play.  The following month those stories rotate out and two others rotate in.  I guess this is the way they get you to buy a 3 month subscription.  All stories play the same way.  You start at one end of the rat maze and have to make your way to the other end, taking out any guys you see along the way before they take you out.

SexStation7 - Screen Shot

As for the sex part, the fact of the matter is there isn't any; well none that I could see anyway.  I played all three scenarios available this month and none of them had a sex scene.  In some rooms you run into a naked girl or two just hanging out.  In some cases if you approach the girl you will get a little dance scene, but that's about it folks.  Most of the girls just stand there doing nothing.

The game is full of extremes.  If you come up against a guy with a machine gun he may fire off a few rounds which knocks down your health from 500 hit points to say, 480 hit points.  In contrast, if you run up against a guy with a bazooka, he can kill you with 4-5 shots of splash damage.  To make matters worse there is virtually no way to avoid shots from the bazooka.  As if that's not enough, once you kill off your enemies there's only about a 25% chance that you'll be able to pick up their weapon and ammo.

The game play itself is choppy, and movement doesn't work very well.  One of the challenges of this game is to place boxes atop of one another in order to reach certain high up places.  I spent about 10 minutes watching boxes go a tumbling time after time to my frustration.  If you're still interested, here's a SexStation7 game play video.

Technically the adult game isn't great either.  First you will notice the huge file download, one for each story.  If you install all 7 stories you will actually have seven different programs on your computer.  Second, you will not enjoy the long load times to start the game, and between game levels.  Third, you may find out the hard way, that there is no way to minimize the window since this runs in full screen only.  So if you have prying eyes around you I suggest you pass on this game.

SexStation7 - Naked Girl


Only x-rated first person shooter on the market, unless you have the nude raider patch, in which case this is the second best such product. 


Very poor graphics, sounds, and game play.  Sexual content only consists of the occasional gogo dance scene.  Game has many technical glitches.

The Skinny:

The game concept of combining sex with a first person shooter is great.  Unfortunately that's the only great thing about this game.  The adult game suffers for all around poor technical implementation, and worse, offers virtually no sexual content.  Rather than shelling out for this one I suggest trying to wrangle up a copy of the nude raider patch.

Demo: No

Cost: US$19.95/month

Maker: Somavision

Link: SexStation7

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Review - SexStation7
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