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Review - Sexy Dreams V2

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

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Company Line:

Your relationships will never be the same again. Why not spice up your sex life or have a bit of fun with Sexy Dreams the ultimate adult software for Windows, play with your partner, friends or even a group of two to four players. This game could be the answer to something new or just good fun. Over 60 household items and sex toys to play with. Also includes forfeits/desires such as oral, anal, leather, spanking and bondage plus many more.


Sexy Dreams is a PC adult game meant for 2 or 4 players.  The game plays like Monopoly in that you move your token around the board in a loop buying up propeities until you run out of cash.

When you land on somebody else's property you have to perform a randomly selected dare (sex act) or use one of your sex passes; you get 3 sex passes to start.

If you run out of money you can sell some of your clothes to get some extra spending money.  The idea here is that the loser(s) will eventually be stripped naked.  You can also sell your properties, just like in Monopoly.

The graphics in the game, are in a word, dull.  The game doesn't offer any music or sound effects, and there are virtually no animations to speak of.  You can change the background graphics, which are downloadable from the Sexy Dreams web site.  Still, this does little, to make the game visually appealing.

The purpose of the adult game, at its core, is to facilitate a couple to try new sexual activities.  The concept is great, because there are many shy couples out there that simply aren't open enough to discuss different things they would like to experiment with.

Sex acts in the game are wide ranging, all the way from swapping grapes with your partner during a kiss, to attempting to fellate yourself (assuming you are male) while your partner films it.  If you find the dares aren't wild enough, or conversely, too wild, you can adjust the intensity level in game. 

The game allows for total customization of the sex acts.  So for example, if you don't like anal sex, you can ratchet down the number of dares that include anal sex for that player.  You can also create and add your own dares to the game's database.  Lastly, you can choose which toys to integrate into game play.  Obviously there would be no sense in daring you to insert a vibrator somewhere when you don't actually have one; smart thinking!

The game concept is great, with the ability to let you set your limits before playing.  Of course, in doing so, couples may simply choose the routine sex acts they are already accustomed to.  Unfortunately game play is a big issue.  The adult game desperately needs an upgrade in graphics, and the addition of sound.

To their credit, the producers of the game make it very easy to submit feedback and are continuously making improvements.

Sexy Dreams Screen Shot Pros:

Contains unique customization features that traditional adult board games can't match


Poor graphics and no sound

The Skinny:

The idea for the adult game is great, but the implementation isn't so great.  In order to keep the attention of players the game needs better graphics and interactive elements that are more fun.  The customization of sex acts and intensity level features are excellent and the game is constantly under development.  I'm sure there will be significant improvements to look forward to in the near future. 

Demo: Yes

Cost: US$34.99

Maker: Adult Matchmaker

Link: Sexy Dreams

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Review - Sexy Dreams V2
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A new whole universe of

A new whole universe of games, sound very interesting i will get for a few now, i did not know about this games before.

Sexy Dreams v3 is Released

Sexy Dreams v3 is now available and is full of new features and bug fixes.

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