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Review - Sexy Dreams V3

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows 

Sexy Dreams V3 - Splash Screen

Company Line:

Improve your sexual relationship today, with friends, Partners and Strangers.  Sexy Dreams is the most advanced adult board game of its kind.


Sexy Dreams is a PC adult game meant for 2 or 4 players. The game plays like Monopoly in that you move your token around the board in a loop buying up propeities until you run out of cash.

This review is for the update from V2 to V3.  You can see the Sexy Dreams V2 review here.  The latest version of game has many cosmetic improvements and bug fixes but gameplay remains virtually unchanged.

The board is essentially unchanged but the splash screen and background imagery is significantly better than in the previous version.  Many sound effects have been added to enhance game play such as rolling dice, coughing, crowd cheers, crowd boos, and others.  Some animation has been introduced making the software appear at least a little more professional.

Many glitches in the older version have been cleaned up providing for a more stable experience overall.

I really appreciate that Adult Matchmaker has tried to improve the areas of the game that were found lacking in the last review.  Significant progress has been made in making the game more fun to play, although there is still a long way to go.

Sexy Dreams V3 - Board


Improved graphics and sound and far less buggy than version 2


Still needs more work on look and feel

The Skinny:

This adult game has come a long way from V2 to V3 which is quite impressive.  Overall play is now much more interactive with the recently added sound effects, animations, and better background images.  There is, however, still a long way to go to make this game a must buy. 

Demo: Yes

Cost: US$34.99

Maker: Adult Matchmaker

Link: Sexy Dreams

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Review - Sexy Dreams V3
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Sexy Dreams 3.5 Released

Sexy Dreams 3.5 has now been released, with many improvements and fixes.

Sexy Dreams 3D v4.1.1 Released

Sexy Dreams 3D v4 has been released

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