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Review - The Sinulator

Product Category: Interactive Sex Toys

Platform: MS Windows

Sinulator Sample

Company Line:

Cybersex is here! 

The Sinulator lets anyone control your sex toy over the Internet! The most fun you can have when you are apart...  The Sinulator lets someone control your sex toy over the Internet.  It installs in minutes and is easy to use. No web site or web cam is required. All you need is a PC and an Internet connection. Anyone can do it!

All your partner needs is access to the Internet. The controls will work on just about anything (Mac, PC, Linux, Palm, WebTV, airport kiosk, etc.). Within minutes - you'll be able to call or email anyone anywhere and let them control your sex toy over the internet.


The Sinulator is the latest in Teledildonics (electronic sex toys that can be controlled by computer).  In addition to providing hardware, Sinulate Entertainment provides a portal for Sinulator enabled web-cams.

The Sinulator unit consists of a remote control unit, into which you can plug in a variety of sex toys, the Rabbit Pearl toy which is packaged with the unit, a wireless USB adapter for your PC, and PC control software.

The unit has three modes of operation.  First, the toys can operate as normal sex toys, i.e. you can control them with the supplied handheld remote.  Second, the toys can be controlled wirelessly with the PC interface.  Third, and most importantly, the toys may be controlled remotely via the internet.

The control unit has an ON/OFF/REM switch; "REM" is remote mode for controlling the toys via the computer or remote web interface.  The toys are controlled with 5 buttons.  On the left hand side of the remote there are two buttons that control speed for the primary action for a given sex toy.  On the right hand side of the remote there are two similar buttons that control speed for the secondary action for a given sex toy.  For example, on the Rabbit toy, the A buttons control the rotation of the dildo, while the B buttons control vibration of the clit vibrator.  The last button controls the cycling of various pulsating modes.

Sinulator Unit

The Rabbit Pearl toy is a very high quality device made from cyberskin.  The average sized toy has a rotating dildo for penetration, and a vibrating clit stimulator.  Other toys such as a male stroker and anal probe can be used with the Sinulator by inserting a special vibrating egg which is sold seperately.  The remote has three seperate inputs so I guess you could have several toys going at once.  Apparently the Sinulator also works with the Interactive FleshLight, but they were out of stock on that unit when they sent me the sample product.

Sex Toy Experience:

To see if the Rabbit Pearl was any good I tried it out on a girlfriend.  She has several toys she plays with regularly so she's not new to this kind of thing.  She said the toy feels great and got a thrill from having somebody else controlling the speed, eventhough I was just a few feet away.  She said the toy was extremely powerful.  Unfortunately that also translates into low life expectancy for the batteries; prepare to stock up if you're a regular user. 

For the record, the toy did bring her to orgasm but she can still apparently do better with her own two hands.  In her opinion the Rabbit Pearl ranks up there with the more expensive toys she has in her collection.

Installing the software on my PC was relatively pain free, although I had to reboot to get the wireless interace to work the first time.  The computer software looks and works just like the remote.  I had my lady friend go into another room and was able to control the action from over 20 feet away; pretty impressive, and fun!

On The Web:

In order to let somebody control your device over the internet you need to set up nick name for your unit.  I did find the process a little confusing in the beginning but did figure out with a little trial and error.  Once you start up your software anybody with the nickname can connect to and control your device. 

The web interface is nice, in that you don't have to install any special software.  You can control the device remotely right from within your web browser.  Here's a Sinulator video from Tech TV showing how the internet interface works.

As I mentioned off the top, Sinulate Entertainment runs their own portal, it's called Sinulator Cams.  The site provides access to Sinulator enabled web-cams.  The site is a little bit confusing at first because it offers three seperate drop down menus which aren't very intuitive.

The first menu is for individual web-cam models, the second for web-cam networks, and the third for web communities.  After searching for some time in each section I realized that many of the sites were down, and those that were up never mentioned the Sinulator once.  A suppose some people in the web communities may have a Sinulator but there's really no way to tell.

The only place I did find some girls with Sinulators was on the IMLive network, the grand total being a paultry seven.  This was a little dissapointing because it means unless you have somebody already lined up to play over the web, the Sinulator is just a wireless sex toy.

Sinulator PC Control 


High quality toy supplied with the remote, great fun if you already have a web partner, no software installation required at the remote site


Eats batteries, SInulator network practically non-existant, a little tricky to set up

The Skinny:

The Sinulator is a great product for horny couples that spend time away from each other, or for anybody that has a virtual sex buddy.  Once getting the product set up it's very easy to use and requires no software installation at the remote control site.  Unfortunately the Sinulator network doesn't appear to be thriving, so don't expect to find a long list of Sinulator ready web-cams out there.  The product gobbles up batteries, but the device ships with a very high quality sex toy.   

Cost: US$129.95 (includes Rabbit Pearl toy) 

Maker: Sinulate Entertainment 

Link: Sinulator

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Review - The Sinulator
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The Sinulate

I ordered this product back on 1/7/09 and to this day haven't received it.
I have called the company numerous times, left messages as no one answers phone their. Also have emailed many times and have heard nothing back either by email or phone.
Would like to know if anyone has this same problem and what can be done about it?
They have my money, I want my product, all I ask!!

non delivery

I had that problem too,but they appologized and sent me two fro my troubles

Customer service

Hmm, sorry to hear that. When I contacted for the review they promptly sent me a free sample.

That was a long time ago. Keep trying, I would hope they will respond shortly.

review | by Dr. Radut